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Stomach Stapling for Weight Loss

Contemplating surgery for quick weight loss results?  If so, the following information may be of help in understanding both the benefits and the risks involved with stomach stapling surgery, gastric and bariatric surgeries for weight loss.


Complications of Stomach Stapling

1. Abscess (including wound infection) - a collection of fluid generally treated with antibiotics to fight infection and relieving the abscess via draining.

2. Pneumonia - infection in the lungs generally attributed to gastrointestinal tract....


Overweight, Undergoing Surgery

In a discussion with our family doctor, he informed me that operating on overweight patient took up to four times longer than the same procedure would on an individual who was at their recommended weight. It's just one more reason to lose those extra pounds....


Weight Loss & Surgery

The treatment for weight loss in the area of surgery is rapidly changing as we learn more and more about technology. Anything written on the topic of surgical procedures is likely to be outdated as soon as it's written - that's how quickly things are changing in the medical world.


Weight Gain After Gastric Surgery

Are you considering stomach stapling or gastric surgery for weight loss? If so, they do not come without significant risks, including death. With modern medicine at its highest peak, the risks are far less than they were just a few short years ago - however, they still exist. I was once told by one of my doctors that it was four times more difficult to perform surgery on an overweight individual than an individual who was at their recommended weight.


Amazing Arms Review

This product appealed to me because it was advertised to reduce the appearance of the upper arm - commonly called the bat wing area.

The product is designed to cover up the arms without having the bulk of another layer of clothing. Just slip your arms through the sleeves, drape the bust area around the bust and snap into place...


About Body Detox

What is a toxin? How does the body get rid of toxins?

Every Spring I get a burr in my saddle, and flutter about - cleaning the house from top to bottom. It's called Spring Cleaning. The house looks so pretty, smells so fresh and it's so clean that I'm almost afraid to live in it because I'll just get it dirty again....


No Time to Diet

Do you often find yourself running around the building and catching yourself at the corner? Such is life. But the sordid fact remains that no matter who we are or how important we are, the world was running just fine before we entered and it will continue to do such once when it's our time to depart.....


How to Drop Weight Successfully

So many people have asked me, “How did you do it?   How did you drop all those unwanted pounds?   Please share your secrets so I can do the same.”

No doubt about it, if my pounds had been money – I’d be a rich middle-aged goat right now....


Finding Answers to Beat Obesity

Every day the following questions, thoughts and promises would go rampaging through my mind.

“How did I get so curvy? And, are my curves headed for a collision due to a coronary obstruction?”


Expenses Related to Weight Loss & Dieting

Losing Weight, More Than Counting Calories

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