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How to Raise Metabolism

A healthy metabolism equals a quicker rate of weight loss so therefore it is quite desirable for those battling to lose pounds.

Simply put, the more efficient the metabolic rate, the quicker the pounds melt off....


The Metabolism Diet

Put a quarter in a gumball machine and you receive a gumball. Instant gratification!  Put a bunch of quarters in a jukebox and your favorite song bellows out.  Instant gratification!


Metabolism & Weight Loss

A slow metabolism may be due in part to inactivity, genes, age, stress level and even climate. It may even be due to an imbalance involving the thyroid which requires professional evaluation and treatment to remedy. But just because we are born with a parent's inherited 'fat' genes doesn't mean that we're doomed to a life of living in fat jeans...


King of the Diet Road

Kit was inside his Diet Car - whizzing by the crème-filled cupcakes, running smack-dab over ooey-gooey sticky buns and weaving in and out of jams like nobody's business....


The Caloric Burn

Did you know that the amount of calories you burn for a specific activity depends on the amount you weigh? In other words, a 100 person will burn less calories during the activity than a 200 pound person.

It requires a lot more energy to move 200 pounds than it does 100...


Internal Food Processor

When contemplating the inner workings of dieting, our bodies are equipped with some of the snazziest internal food processors on the planet. Our bodies must process every item that we put into our mouth. Sometimes, it's a very big job. As an example, would we try to fit a watermelon into our food processor at home?  


Exercise - For Burning Calories, Faster Metabolism

Exercise burns calories and creates muscle. It takes more calories to support muscle than fat - therefore the more muscle mass that you have, the more calories that you can consume to support such. While the ability to eat more calories is certainly a bonus, so are those spectacular muscles.

Let's examine this statement with logic...


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