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Quick Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

Steam or cook fresh specimen until tender. Add to a blender to crush into tiny bits. Add to jarred cheese sauce diluted with low fat milk..... Harvest Broccoli Cheese Diet Soup Recipe | Harvest Cauliflower Diet Soup Recipe | Harvest Chicken & Rice Soup Recipe



Quesadilla & Mexican Rice Recipes

If you're a fan of Mexican cooking, then you're probably missing them amid your weight loss plan. These wonderful flavors and recipes do tend to be extreme in caloric values due to their fatty content.

Most are concocted with fatty beef or other meat proteins, full-blown cheese as well as oils used amid the cooking process. Traditional enchiladas just aren't as good when the corn tortilla has been steamed than if it had been fried for a few seconds in oil....


Homemade Diet Taco Recipe - or you may just fall in love with Diet Bites Black Bean & Beef Enchiladas recipe!

Oooh - these are so delicious! Better yet - our homemade tacos are also low in calories and fat grams, making them an excellent choice for your diet menu....


Eggplant Parmesean Recipe

This tasty trinity can turn your weight loss plan into a feast! All are very easy to prepare and can be made in advance and heated later in your oven or microwave. All make great options for take-along lunches....


Low Calorie Apple Bread Pudding Recipe

Remember that age-old saying, "An apple a day will keep the doctor away?" It certainly didn't keep Adam away, did it? Then again, it was all that rotten snake's fault, right?


Diet Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake generally contains more calories than other flavors such as vanilla, white, orange, strawberry, spice, pineapple, cherry and lemon.

And of course there are multiple flavors of the chocolate variety: milk, Dutch, German, Devils food, double and dark...


Bread Calories, Recipes | Easy Cinnamon Bread Dough Recipe | True Cinnamon vs Fake Cinnamon Which Contains Potentially Harmful Coumarin

Calories in bread varies from brand to brand - depending upon the type of ingredients used such as wheat, oat or plain as well as the recipe that is used in making the end result. The caloric content in bread is also impacted by the size of the slice.  Specialty breads prepared with potatoes, honey and those that are extra buttery will also vary in calories... OR, try our quick applesauce cake recipe: Quick Applesauce Cake Recipe, Reduced Fat


Skinny Shake, Hula Stinger

Grass skirts swaying in the wind as we sip on a cold Hula Stinger. Coconut cream, pineapple, pistachio nuts and healthy skim milk bring the tropics into one tall diet shake. Enjoy with a couple of friends and a bucket of crabs....

Many more low calorie shakes are listed within this page!


Skinny Shake, Hummingbird Rush - The hummingbird drifts on the currents inside the rush of the wind - diving quickly to partake of our delicious Hummingbird Rush diet  shake. Healthy milk and raspberries create a concoction that will satisfy the most picky of dieters....


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