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Article Archives, Holiday Dieting

Written by Diet Bites


Holiday Weight Gain

We enter the holiday season with a smile spread across our faces, and generally exit the holiday season with a bigger bulge spread across our waistlines.  

Why is that?  


Gaining Weight During the Holidays

How much weight do you plan to gain before going on a diet at the beginning of the New Year?


Dieting During Easter, Tips

Finally, a holiday that can actually HELP you in your Diet Quest to the Land of Slimdom.  A few recipes, some snazzy meal tips, and one really fun way to burn off some calories...


Easter Dieting Tips

Diet.  It's the scariest four-letter word that I know. That's the problem with 'Diets'.  They are all so scary - no fun, no fun at all. And that's one reason they so often fail.  If you're serious about losing weight, then you must make it fun! And hoppy!


Be Mine, Diet Valentine

Healthy dark chocolate & more savvy tips for you and your Valentine. Time to warm up the massager and get out all of the kinks...

Valentine's Day is cause for much celebration for anyone locked into the Weight Loss Mode....


What to Do With Leftover Easter Eggs

Did the Easter Bunny lay too many eggs at your house this year? Don't know quite what to do with them? Well, never fear - Diet Bites has some great suggestions that just might fit very nicely into your diet...

Here are 7 suggestions that will fit nicely into your diet....


Holiday Coffee Recipe

Light up your holiday diet with a merry cup of Reindeer Diet De-Light coffee! It's the best tasting diet brew this side of the North Pole.

Delicious, easier to make than Rice Crispy Bars, economical, extremely low in calories with a teensy trace of fat - what more could one want for the holidays?


Happy Holidays, Unhappy Weight Gain

Halloween Weight Gain Damage, Sooner Lost, the Easier to Lose


July 4th Dieting Tips

Quick & Easy Holiday Banana Bread Recipe From Scratch

Quick & Easy Holiday Walnut Pie Recipe

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