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Will Caffeine Promote Weight Loss?

Can caffeine knock off pounds? Can it help a person lose weight faster?

If so, how much weight loss and how fast? Because caffeine is a stimulate it acts as a diuretic by 'stimulating' the amount of urine expelled from the body (it dehydrates).  


Heartburn Triggers

Heartburn Baby Burn. Alcohol can contribute to heartburn among other health ills when too much is consumed. Other top offenders that can cause heartburn include the following foods...


Cures for Obesity

A ray of hope rises over the horizon as researchers work on a cure for obesity. The good news is that there are many irons in the fire and it appears that one day, we may possess the tools necessary for curing obesity.

But amid the calm, reality must be faced. Can a cure for obesity obliterate weight gain? Most individuals experience more difficulty regaining lost weight, than losing the weight.


Grapefruit, Meds - Health Risks, Side Effects

Recent studies indicate that grapefruit and certain medications don't mix well. An enzyme identified as P-450 located in the intestinal wall works in breaking down certain medications. Grapefruit prevents P-450 from ...

Part 1: Diet Bites Top Tips for Permanent Weight Loss Results  |  Part 2

Unique and safe dieting tips that work to help you lose the weight and keep it off permanently...


Eggs, Dieting

I was always hypnotized as a child whenever a Tarzan and Jane movie were on television. I was so impressed with Jane when she'd whip up those giant ostrich eggs. I never knew that ostriches lived in the jungle, just like lions...


The Weight Loss Solution | Dramatic Weight Loss | Part 2 of Dramatic Weight Loss  |  Part 3: Dramatic Weight Loss

A person seeking to lose ten pounds is going to need a different diet than the person who has diabetes and is need of losing 75 pounds.  Women need a different type diet plan than men to meet their nutritional needs...


Pregnancy & Diet

It's common for the pregnant mother to seek as much information surrounding pregnancy as possible - whether it's her first child, or her tenth child. Questions might include: "What should I expect? What are the risks? How will having a baby impact my personal level of health......


Thread Your Diet With Fiber | Food Can Make You Feel Good, Food Can Make You Feel Bad

It's the dawn of the Age of Fiber - and lucky you, because a diet rich in fiber will not only help erase those pesky pounds, it can also bump-up the grade on anyone's Health Report Card. Here's how...


Vitamins May Slow Weight Gain in Older Adults

Better metabolism, better digestion, and an in-sync melody of the vitamins and minerals within can help the dieter reach their weight loss goals a bit quicker and safer.  

Vitamins may also slow weight gain in older adults - just more reason to ensure you get your healthy daily dose...


Gene Pool, Body Weight Connection

One of the questions that you have probably been asked when visiting your family doctor is, "Are your parents still living?"

You may have wondered why the doctor was asking you questions about your parents when you were there to see the doctor - not your parents!

The reason the question is posed is a key to your own health risks and is why it is generally asked at the time of your doctor's appointment...


Body Weight, Sleep Connection

Does Lack of Sleep Stimulate Weight Gain and Obesity?

The National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey conducted on more than 9,000 individuals during a two year period from the year starting at 1982 until the end of 1984 indicated that sleep may be connected to obesity...


Hair Loss Related to Poor Diet

If you are pursuing a strict diet, or a fad diet plan, weight may not be the only thing that you lose. Cutting back too severely on the daily diet can constitute hair loss - and in a big way. 

We aren't talking a few hairs on the brush or comb, rather handfuls of hair that can clog the drain when the hair is washed - or when the hair is groomed. How do I know?


Weighing in Health Risks

Obesity and smoking are in a tight race - but it's a race that's not fun to watch. In fact, it's very painful because the end result is a future filled with higher risks of ill health which invites diseases that attack the body one organ at a time - or one limb at a time - or one element of the body at a time.  So what kills more people - obesity or smoking?


Losing Weight Too Quickly | Part 2 | Part 3 - Serious Health Risks Associated With Quick Weight Loss

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Dieters With Special Needs

Obesity is a Disease

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Obesity Risk Factors

Health Report Card for Favorite Foods

Dieting While Pregnant, Breastfeeding


Acne & Diet

Foods That May Worsen Acne

Using Herbs for Weight Loss

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Herbs, Wild Celery

Herbs, Milk Thistle

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