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Boosting Immunity in the Fight Against Ebola

Ebola in the United States: Boosting Your Immunity - Tips for boosting your immunity to avoid a potentially deadly virus.

Ebola: Duncan Family Quarantine Much Different Than Doctors & Nurses

Ebola Quarantine Mirrors Rabies Quarantine

Symptoms of Ebola, Pet Concerns - Signs & symptoms of Ebola. Pet concerns associated with Ebola.

Ebola Discrepancies & Inconsistent Statements Made by CDC - We're being fed different stories on different days, and at times different stories within hours apart. So which stories are accurate? We have the breakdown....

How Contagious is Ebola? - We have a clear pattern set thus far....

Diet Bites Advice on How to Stop the Ebola Outbreak in the United States

Ebola Outbreak, Doctors, Nurses & Public Endangerment

Ebola: NY & NJ Quarantine Put to Test

Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox,  Quarantine vs Decontamination Fees

Powassan Virus Disease, POW

Powassan Virus Disease, POW - The signs and symptoms of POW Virus, transmitted by an infected tick.....

Symptom Comparison: Ebola vs Flu vs Enterovirus D68

Comparison of Symptoms of Ebola, Flu, Enterovirus D68 - The symptoms are similar but the viruses react quite differently in the human body.

Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Hoax, FTC Sues

Green Coffee Bean Hoax, Lawsuit by FTC

Food Can Make You Feel Good, Food Can Make You Feel Bad

Weight Loss Product Consumer Warnings

Slimming Diet Consumer Warning | Toxin Discharged Tea Consumer Warning | B-Perfect | La Jiao Shou Shen Consumer Warning

Sport Burner | Asset Bold | Asset Bee Pollen | Slim True U

Acne Products Consumer Warning

Acne Medications Warning: Proactiv, Oxy, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, MaxClarity, Ambi, Aveeno

Muscle System of the Human Body

Muscle Chart - Diagram of the muscles in the human body.

Diabetes Breakthrough

Cure for Diabetes - Potential cure for this disabling disease may finally be within our grasp....

True Cinnamon vs Fake Cinnamon Which Contains Potentially Harmful Coumarin - The vast majority of cinnamon sold at the grocery store isn't 'true cinnamon' and contains coumarin which can cause liver damage.....

Sit Down, Stand Up Warning, Poses Potential Risk & Injury to Body

Sit Down, Stand Up Test to Determine Early Risk of Death - Diet Bites is warning their readers that performing this physical test presents great risk for injury.....

E-Cigarette Poisoning Report

E-Cigarettes poisoning reports up by over 200%.

Tatoo Ink Infections Health Warning

Can Exercise Make You Live Longer?

Unproven: Exercise Extends Life Span

Sinus Rinses, Neti Pot Health Warnings

Dangers and health risks associated with sinus rinses, cleansers and neti pot usage.  read complete article

Wart Remover Warnings, Safety Usage

Some Wart Removers Flammable - FDA warns that some wart remover products may be hazardous....

Diet Bites Avocado Plan

Want to reduce bad cholesterol while increasing the good? Then our new Avocado Diet might be perfect for you.

Copper & Alzheimer's Disease Connection - August 2013

Recent medical findings reveal that there is a connection between copper and Alzheimer's Disease.

Rich Food Sources for Copper

Foods rich in copper include: beef by-products such as liver, raw or breaded and fried oysters - particularly those harvest in the Eastern United States, Northern lobster - steamed, Shitake mushrooms, trail mix snacks, semi-sweet chocolate, blue and Alaskan King crab, canned tomato paste, baking chocolate - unsweetened squares, pearled barley, white mushrooms, canned macaroni & cheese, chestnuts, soybeans, Buckwheat flour, white beans - canned, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, chickpeas, canned beans and franks, long grain rice and domesticated duck.

Coca-Cola Plans Targeted Campaign Bolstering Aspartame Safety - August 2013

News is out that sugar substitutes have shown in health studies to trigger rather than prevent weight gain. The reason? The body can't be fooled so easily and after fake sugar lands in the gut, the body cries out for the real thing.

Speaking of 'the real thing', Coca-Cola sales in the area of diet-friendly beverages have fallen 3% last year - but the real thing also lost 1% of sales.

Coca-Cola isn't sitting still and is planning to put advertisement into action which bolsters the safely of aspartame. While it might be 'safe' to eat for most individuals, the potentially ill-effects from fake sugar can be substantial.

Speaking on personal experience, they not only toy with one's blood lipids - but also with the endocrine system. Immunity is potentially damaged over time. Things that I wasn't allergic to in the past suddenly gave me life-threatening hives and serious sinus issues. It took several years being off of sugar substitutes before I felt back to normal and before the hives were completely eradicated.

Nonetheless, with my personal experience aside, ask your doctor about sugar substitutes. We've never known one who approved of adding them to the daily diet.

Pairing Diet Soda With Alcohol Can Make You Drunker - August 2013

There is a sugar-alcohol connection. Full-blown regular sodas assist in slowing down alcohol absorption within the body. Simply put, the alcohol doesn't make its journey to the bloodstream as quickly where regular soda is involved - in comparison to diet varieties.

South Dakota Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation Lifts Alcohol Ban - August 2013

Speaking of alcohol, the long-time ban has been lifted and the sale of alcohol will be legalized on the reservation. Tribal Council  has the power to negate Federal law which prohibits sale of alcohol on Native American reservations - and it appears that they have done such.

The situation isn't a win-win for anyone. There are serious domestic issues relating to alcohol consumption that are concerning. Time will tell the outcome of the decision.

Acrylamides in American Diet May Pose Increased Health Risks for Cancer

Amid high temperatures during the cooking phase - whether frying or baking is involved, acrylamide is a chemical which can form.... More Information, Including List of Foods Containing Acrylamide

Top Antioxidant Foods List

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