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Brand New Diet Plan

Try to think about something new that you have purchased in your life, or a gift that someone dear gave to you.

Remember the excitement that you felt? How careful you were with this object so that nothing would happen to it?

Natural Diet - Lose weight with natural foods, tips & recipes.....


The Bikini Diet

It's really heating up outside and Frankie is wanting to fit into that tiny new bikini the first day that the beach is opened. She is planning on going on a diet and would like some tips for her planned bikini diet....


The 2000 Calorie Daily Diet

Because the nutritional labeling used on all of our foods that have been commercially produced or refined are based on a 2000 calorie daily diet, it's commonly misunderstood that this is not the ideal amount of energy required by all Americans....


Our Catskills Diet Plan

Our Catskills Diet is an original weight loss plan embedded in the stream of nature, replenishing the dieter in all the good things found within the heart of Mother Earth....


Diet Bites: The Living Diet Plan - Want to lose those unhealthy pounds forever? Then our Living Diet can assist...

Diet Bites has ten hot tips for your living diet that are so good that we call them, "Ten, I'm Not On a Diet Tips". Let's see those tips and see how they can fit into your weight loss plan to produce significant results...


3 Day Diet to Lose the Fat

There are numerous three day diets these days, but all are not healthy. Losing weight too speedily can place significant pressure on the body and compromise good health. In addition, losing too fast tends to equal water weight loss - not a true loss in fat...


Free Three Day Diet Plan - Need a reduction plan that is high in protein grams? Our original 3 Day Diet is a plan that is plentiful in such which means it will keep the dieter feeling fuller for longer periods of time. And of course, protein is boss for muscle health - as well as adding other healthy benefits...


Personalizing Your Diet Plan - In my former days of obesity there were times - particularly around the holidays or vacation time, when I would experience weight gain after dropping a few needed pounds. Unfortunately, at that time I didn't want to think about having to measure and monitor everything that I put through my lips - and I didn't even care if it was ending up on my hips!


10 Carrot Diet Plan

Do you like carrots? If so then you may fall in love with our 14 Carrot Diet Plan. It's a gem for sure - containing a treasure of foods from Mother Nature's backyard. Let's get started, shall we?


Our Free 10 Day Diet Plan - Looking for a way to safely and quickly lose weight? Have you got an important event approaching and need to look your best? Well, donít feel intimidated by the thought of facing your slim-looking cousin Elly a second longer! Youíve come to the right spot. Diet Bites was the first to offer free weight loss plans online - yes, even before those wealthy commercialized weight...


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