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Breakfast Menus for Dieters

Below we start with 5 breakfast menus that can be used as a pattern for the most important meal of the day. That first bite ignites the metabolism for the energy burn....  


1300 Calorie Diet Menu

Have you ever contemplated those prepared meals so widely advertised? 'Instant' meals can create a homerun situation for dieters. Although there is a lot of talk about conquering the glycemic index, melting the fat content and blowing up carbs in most of the ad spills surrounding prepared meals, the real reason why prepared meals work to generate weight loss include...


Diet Menus

Our diet recipe for Carrot Pudding takes a bit of elbow room - but it's so tasty and low in calories and fat that it's definitely worth the effort. On the other hand, the glazed ham takes only a few seconds to prepare. To prepare, simply brush warmed honey over ham and bake until ham is hot....


Free Diet Menu

9 More Free Diet Menus - A pattern for eating to help develop your eating pattern. Please get a thumbs up from your doctor before going on any diet. Menu 11 | Menu 12 | Menu 13 | Menu 14 | Menu 15 | Menu 16 | Menu 17 |  Menu 18 | Menu 19

Before using these sample menus, you will need to read the detailed information found here:  Planner Information


Tropical Diet Menu

Hear the Tropical music baying in the background mixed with the howls of the hounds of Diet Hades?  Let's see if we can get rid of the hounds and give our diet something good to howl about. Just don't get too close to the fire pit in your little grass skirt...


Example of 1000 Calorie Diet Plan

This diet is exceptionally low in energy values and should never be attempted without the supervision of a professional doctor...


Example of 1200 Calorie Diet Plan

The 1200 Calorie Diet is too low in nutritional value to support the body's needs and may pose significant health risks, including death.

Because the amount of energy contained in this plan is too restrictive it should never be attempted without a doctor's supervision. Note how restrictive this method of losing fat can be...


10 Free Diet Planners

One of the keys in keeping weight off permanently is to develop a healthy eating pattern. This doesn't mean that you can't ever enjoy a piece of cheesecake or chocolate or pizza - or any of your favorite foods. In fact, a healthy eating pattern is one that includes all your food favorites in moderation.


Dinner Menus for Dieters

Diet Menus 16 - 19

Diet Menus 20 - 23

Diet Menus, 24 - 27

Diet Menus 28 - 30

Menu Suggestions for Dieters

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Under 200 Calories Food Choices

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Summer Diet Plan

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30 Free Diet Menus

Snack Suggestions for Dieters

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The Diet Brain

Dieting: You can eat this, or you can eat that....

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