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Food Pyramid, Natural Foundation for Healthy Weight & Body

Just as the wise man builds his house upon the rock, the wise dieter must build their daily diet on a strong, reliable foundation. The strongest Diet Foundation known to modern day man is the Official Food Pyramid...


Nutrition Label Confusion

Small Woman Jill, Big Man Joe and Little Kid Tommy all pick up a candy bar that reads, " Serving Size: 1 bar" . Why would small Jill's serving size equal Big Joe's? And what about poor little Tommy? A few candy bars, and he'll be busting out of his britches....


Food Pyramid Tips, Managing the Daily Diet & Food Groups

Let's move on to our grand finale - planning the lunch and dinner menus. Keep in mind that Fred has opted to enjoy a hearty lunch and breakfast; the dinner menu will be on the light side.

As to his snack time, he has decided upon a snack list which includes: low fat cottage cheese, reduced fat cheese, beef jerky, hot air popped corn, rice cakes, popcorn cakes, fruit - frozen, canned in natural juices and fresh varieties....


Food Pyramid Menu for Dieters

Building Your Diet Menu Using the Food Pyramid - Using the Food Pyramid, a typical diet derived from natural foods - or a diet that is as close to natural as possible - may look like this:

Breakfast: (about 300 calories)

1 slice of whole grain wheat toast sprayed with no calorie butter or reduced fat margarine....


How to Lose Weight, Step-by-Step

If you have been trying to lose weight but it simply won't come off, don't reach for the jack hammer just yet!  Diet Bites is here to show you how to lose weight, step-by-step.


Foods Boasting Health Benefits

Some of the best sources of health benefits come in packages wrapped by Mother Nature. So beautiful to the eye, so health-wise to the body. And so fresh. Fresh fruit, vegetables and hearty nuts add health and flavor to any diet plan.


When You Can't Stop Eating Tips

Bob enjoys a tasty Mexican lunch and shortly afterwards, he has that 'I'm stuffed' feeling.  Two hours later, Bob can't imagine that he felt so full just a short time ago.  

He doesn't feel famished, but he wants something very tasty, much like that Mexican lunch - only less.  He wants to save room for dinner as his wife is preparing his favorite meatloaf recipe...


Protein Bars

Over the past few years, protein bars, energy supplements and energy juice have spouted up in many sections at your local market place.

Are they really as good for you as the manufacturers claim?

How does their health benefits compare to the official American Pyramid's?


Picture: Food Pyramid, Food Plate

Want a leaner body? A healthier body? A body that not only achieves lean, but stays lean?

Then look no further than the official Food Nutrition Pyramid. While the government is currently concentrating on the Food Plate - the backbone is still the Food Nutrition Pyramid...


The Amish Diet

A pedometer study on the Amish people gave great insight to what can be accomplished by walking:

-The average Amish man took about 18,000 steps per day.
- The average Amish woman, about 14,000 steps per day.

Most of the steps were recorded during the Amish's daily tasks....


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Good Choices vs Poor

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