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Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Plan

Apple cider vinegar has been touted for many medicinal uses over the ages - from a sore throat antidote to being a pain reliever for arthritic related conditions. In addition, somewhere along History's path it became of interest to the Dieting World as a remedy for weight loss.


The Ketogenic Diet

One would have to travel back far in time to get to the roots of this diet, almost 80 years to be exact.

The Ketogenic Diet concentrates on burning fats for energy needs rather than glucose - our body's typical body fuel. To accomplish such, the Ketogenic Diet is a diet extremely high in fats (about 80%) and is combined with minimal carbohydrates and proteins...


Chocolate Diets

If you desire a tasty weapon against heart attack, stroke, dementia, hypertension, diabetes and a barrage of circulatory diseases, then dark chocolate may one of your best Health Defenders. Further research on dark chocolate points to big health benefits, particularly in warding off vascular disease...


Review of the Sonoma Diet Plan

A hot new diet by Dr. Connie Peraglie Gutterson, R.D., Ph.D. that appears to be quickly gaining public interest with the potential to become a Super Diet.

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet way of life, the cornerstone of the Sonoma Diet appears to hinge on....


Wild Rice Diet Plan

Lose weight with the goodness of rice. Go wild with your diet - a little wild with wild rice that is!  

Wild rice substitutes nicely for meat and has a hint of nutty inside. It's also a very good source for nutrition, so much nutrition that its cousins (White Rice and Brown Rice) get pretty jealous when Wild Rice is around...


Review of the Supermarket Diet

Endorsed by Good Housekeeping, The Supermarket Diet just may have you racing to your nearest market with high hopes of weight loss results!  And with good reason, too. The healthy-100 recipes are ultra easy to prepare, generally taking twenty minutes or less....


Review of the Bite Diet

What is the Bite Diet by Diet Directives about? Basically, a 21 day weight loss program that 'retrains' the dieter's tummy in regards to food portion control. The Bite Diet doesn't count calories, carbs, fat grams or sugar grams - just the bites that the dieter eats each day.


Smash Diet Review

Before reviewing the Smash Fat Diet by Ian K. Smith, we'd like to note that several 'Smash Diets' abound online. It may sound repetitive, but it's vital that an individual meet with their physician before proceeding with a weight loss plan...


The Sacred Heart Diet Plan Review

Supposedly, this diet plan will cleanse your system of impurities and pass on a feeling of well-being. Frankly, I'd rather burn a candle and drink champagne....


Diet Plans

Expect to spend about $100 dollars per week while using these popular diet plans. Are these good methods for losing the fat or are they ho-hum, fly-by-night no-nothings?

Actually, all of the following diets have assisted individuals in dropping pounds and have a fair longevity - as far as fat loss methods go. Here is a capsule of information surrounding the most popular, and how they work to help an individual lose the fat....


Pregnancy Diet

Fast food, sweet and fattening desserts and caffeine - just a few things that the mother-to-be may wish to avoid while on the Pregnancy Diet, a diet whose purpose focuses on the health of not only the mom, but the baby as well. More things that you can do to ensure a healthier baby...


1 Food Ellimination Won't Elliminate Weight

We've all heard it - it's been around for years now.  "If you will eliminate just one stick of gum a day from your diet, you will lose 3 pounds in one year!' (or just one cookie, one soda, etc...). My, how enthralling.  Do you actually know anyone who has eliminated one food item from their daily diet and has experienced successful weight loss?


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