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Article Archives, Exercise & Relaxation Techniques

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Exercise & the Fat Loss Connection

Finally, that day arrived when I made one of the most important decisions - if not the most important on of my entire life. The decision to lose weight with the personal commitment that THIS TIME that excess weight was going to stay off forever. I had reached the point where my health was more important than my love for food....


Weight Loss, Relaxation Therapy

Jenny glanced in her full length looking glass wondering how she had gotten so blown out of her pants.  

Hanging wads here, big globs there, thunder thighs down south, and to the north, a broken heart.  

Let's see if we can learn why Jenny gained 80 pounds in five years....


Preparing the Body For Exercise

If you haven't headed out into the Wild Blue Yonder in quite some time for a little exercise, think before you leap. (Oh how quickly we forget the most basic of things.)


Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Have you ever felt like you're meeting yourself at the corner? Life is hectic these days.

Even though we've got so many new-fangled contraptions to help us get tasks done more quickly, it always seems like there is never enough hours in a day - particularly when it comes to exercise....


Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Office jobs can be so stressful. First, there's the boss person that has to be pleased, and it's so hard to please Godzilla.....


Getting Physical for Weight Loss Results

What contributes more to weight loss - exercise or diet?

Although diet holds the upper hand, exercise works hand in hand with your diet; you'll reach your weight loss goals much faster when an effective exercise program pops into your daily routine - one that you'll keep embracing day in and day out...


Weight Arm Exercises for Women

Women tend to have problematic areas on the body that differ greatly from males. For example, when men put on excess pounds they tend to bulk-up in the abdominal sections, around the shoulder areas as well as the neck and chin.


Time to Exericse? Or Not.... | Part 1: That New Exercise Bike

If you find yourself becoming bored with your fitness plans - devise a new game plan!  In order to be successful and meet your weight loss and fitness goals, you must keep the mix INTERESTING!


Calories Burned Playing Sports

Want to get fit and lose a bit of weight or even a lot of excess pounds?  If you purchase one or more sporty balls, they can greatly assist in getting you to a thinner size.

They are fabulous tools for individuals desiring a speedier caloric burn, and while they are assisting in burning energy...


Fat vs Fit

Can one be both fat and fit? You betcha!

The sedate individual who becomes confined to the office chair, then moves home to reside on the comfy sofa has a health card that pales when compared to an overweight individual who leads an active life, then goes home to coach a little league team...


Belly Dancing for Weight Loss

Walking on a motorized treadmill is more boring than eating a piece of dry toast in front of a rice cake. Exercise should be fun!  


Diet Sweat Shop or Sweet Shop?

A thirty minute exercise routine that leaves you feeling tired, stinky, sweaty yet healthier OR visit a sweet shop that contains all of your most treasured goodies?

What a hard question, eh? I just don't know if I can decide or not. Let's see....sweat and exercise OR chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake topped with strawberries, key lime pie and petite fours?  Hum....


Exercise Balls for Weight Loss

Searching for a fun way to exercise? Then you may want to check out the exercise balls at your local store - or online for purchase.

Exercise balls can be incorporated into almost any fitness plan - aerobics, bodybuilding, weightlifting - just to name a few....


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