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Potato Chips vs Baked Potato

What contains less calories? A medium sized baked potato OR 15 potato chips?


Is Coke Making You Fat?

Sure, the world is getting larger these days, and in a desperate attempt to deflate citizens of certain politician's arenas - they have decided that soft drinks of certain sizes sold at fast food restaurants are the culprits...


Snacks That Pack Pounds

When natural food sources are mined with fat or sugar, the result is an increase in energy values. Where these two ingredients are involved, those increases are negative rather than positive.

And of course, when you're attempting to lose unhealthy pounds, you're watching the amount of energy values that you're inserting into your daily eating plan...


Starchy Food Calories

While most of the country continues to discover ways to insert more potassium benefits into their daily diet, some individuals suffer from too much in the body. This condition is extremely serious and has the ability to lead to death.

I have personal understanding into this issue as my father suffered from high potassium levels. This condition directly impacts the heart...


Count Calories to Lose Weight: Bananas vs Potatoes

Each have about 100 calories, depending on whether you made your purchase at Paul Bunyon's Village Garden or Tom Thumb's Mini Vegetable Market.

When making food choices, it's best to stick within the small to medium size range...


Counting Calories for Weight Loss

The foundation of Diet Bites is motivation, counting calories, moderate exercise, and using your Willpower to conquer weight loss.  It's a sure-fire way to maintain your new slim shape. To maintain your weight by counting calories, you'll need access to a Calorie Counting Guide.....


Maintain Weight Via Healthy Eating

If you plan to maintain your weight through healthy eating, this article may help you in identifying some pitfalls along the way. This method of weight maintenance is highly ranked by Diet Bites.  In the good old days, you could pretty much be safe by eating green, orange and yellow colored goodies. That was pre-Twinkies, pre-pistachio pudding....


Calories, Pickled Foods

Brine generally consists of water, salt and seasonings. If we're preparing pickles we'd probably use dill weed and allspice along with other savoring seasonings. Take note that most pickled foods go through a brine-process and absorb the sodium contained in the brine water. Therefore they are generally excessive in sodium values...


Thin People, Weight Maintenance Struggles

Do other thin people have a magical potion? Just how do they keep their slim shape? Do they, too, experience problems with keeping their weight under control? YOU BET!


How to Read Food Labels, Nutrition Facts

Want a leaner, stronger, healthier body?  You can have that starting right now by doing one simple thing.

One simple thing you say?  Huh!  How can achieving so much come from doing so little?

By getting acquainted with food labels and nutrition facts on the products that you purchase...


Using Your 5 Senses to Lose Fat

Can your six senses assist in weight loss results? Sure they can! We'll show you how to lose weight safely by listening to your body talk and with our savvy weight loss and dieting tips. Let's begin with our sight. What we see often influences what we weigh more than the other senses...


Magic Weight Loss Potion

Can't lose weight?  Depressed?  Looking for a magic product or machine?  Nah. You don't need that!  The magic is within you!


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