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Potato Chips vs Baked Potato

What contains less calories? A medium sized baked potato OR 15 potato chips?

A baked potato contains less calories than 15 potato chips.

One small baked potato contains about 128 calories while 15 chips contains about 150 kcals OR 10 per chip.


Eggs & Cholesterol

An egg consists of a yolk & a white. Which contains zero cholesterol?


The 2000 Calorie Daily Diet

Because the nutritional labeling used on all of our foods that have been commercially produced or refined are based on a 2000 calorie daily diet, it's commonly misunderstood that this is not the ideal amount of energy required by all Americans....


Weight Arm Exercises for Women

Women tend to have problematic areas on the body that differ greatly from males. For example, when men put on excess pounds they tend to bulk-up in the abdominal sections, around the shoulder areas as well as the neck and chin.


Moisture Content of Food

As we can see by our data chart below, most of the foods listed which contain minimal moisture [water content] are healthy choices for your weight loss plan. Some choices are specifically directed towards snacks and menu planning for dieters - such as the popcorn and rice cakes, as well as pork skins and rye crackers....


Foods, Most Sodium Content

Salt is one of the most inexpensive seasonings and is widely used by fast food and fine dining restaurants....


Vegetables, Most Salt Content

It's important to keep in mind that natural foods make your best choice - not only in regards to a trimmer shape, but also for overall health.

Refined and commercially prepared foods tend to overuse salt....


Sodium, Raw Fruits

When dieting - or not, your healthiest source for fruit comes from natural selections. Even these hold amounts of sodium, but those levels tend to be extremely minimal.


Cheese High in Sodium

Almost all dairy food sources are extreme in sodium content per recommended serving size.

This particularly holds true when it comes to cheese. We-Americans do tend to love this creamy textured-food and make use of it quite liberally.


Protein Diets, Are They Safe?

When a daily eating plan places the focus on protein consumption, the result can actually be deadly for some individuals.

For example, if Penny is attempting to lose excess fat and decides upon going on a high protein diet AND if she is unaware that she is diabetic, she could end up in the emergency room....


Foods Highest in Saturated Fat Content

The media is mined with commercials for medications which may assisting in fighting plaque build-up in the arteries. The arteries serve as highways to the heart, pumping life-saving blood to this vital organ....


Foods Highest in Total Fat

While dietary fat is vital to optimum state of health, too much can create issues, particularly over time.

Total Fat is a compilation of several different varieties of fatty acids. These include: cholesterol, Trans, saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated....


Foods Highest in Polyunsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated fats are among the healthier sources of fatty acids. Topping our data chart posted below is Trail Mix at over 16 grams. While the chocolate chips contained therein aren't the healthiest addition to the mix, the nuts and seeds certainly are....


Number of Fat Cells in the Human Body

While calories equal energy for the body, when we consume more energy than is used by our body in a given time period the excess becomes stored in cells for later use. If cells do not exist, then they are created for energy storage purposes....


Foods Highest in Cholesterol

One of my father's favorite foods on the planet was a basket overflowing with battered and fried gizzards. He wasn't that excited about fried chicken livers. And amid the battering process, he liked it spiked with jalapeno pepper. The hotter, the better....


Water Content of Foods, Fiber Connection

Health Question: What does dietary fiber require in order for its benefits to be fully used by the body?

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