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Low Calorie Apple Bread Pudding Recipe

Remember that age-old saying, "An apple a day will keep the doctor away?" It certainly didn't keep Adam away, did it? Then again, it was all that rotten snake's fault, right?

Nonetheless, these powerful red bullets of nutrition have the power to accomplish just that and opting for one over sugary snacks, desserts and treats can translate to a stronger, healthier body....


Weight Loss Like Nobody's Business

Have you ever been trying especially hard to drop all those pesky pounds when some nosey so-in-so sticks their waddle into your business and starts giving you their sage weight loss and dieting advice?

And it's not just 'sage' advice - rather their opinion....


Swaying in the Wind

Remember the last time you were outdoors on a hot and windy day. At times, you may have considered that you'd be blown off the face of the map as the gusts pummeled against your back. But of course - you're still here! And so are a lot of diet plans and supplements. More than ever....


Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Plan

Apple cider vinegar has been touted for many medicinal uses over the ages - from a sore throat antidote to being a pain reliever for arthritic related conditions. In addition, somewhere along History's path it became of interest to the Dieting World as a remedy for weight loss.


Review of the Bite Diet

What is the Bite Diet by Diet Directives about? Basically, a 21 day weight loss program that 'retrains' the dieter's tummy in regards to food portion control. The Bite Diet doesn't count calories, carbs, fat grams or sugar grams - just the bites that the dieter eats each day.


Fast Food Fry Calories

Unfortunately, not all French fry calories are created equally, which we can readily see by viewing our caloric data chart...


Healthy Benefits of Exercise

Have you ever felt like you're meeting yourself at the corner? Life is hectic these days.

Even though we've got so many new-fangled contraptions to help us get tasks done more quickly, it always seems like there is never enough hours in a day - particularly when it comes to exercise....


The Sacred Heart Diet Plan Review

Supposedly, this diet plan will cleanse your system of impurities and pass on a feeling of well-being. Frankly, I'd rather burn a candle and drink champagne....


Tips to Reduce Sugar in the Diet

Those old Diet Seas can get pretty rough on a fellow. A tiny ripple can turn into a typhoon in nothing flat....


Bland Diets & Bland Foods

Diet Time often equals bland-tasting-food time. It's a key reason why diets often don't last very long. Bland diet foods based on the Food Pyramid typically include...


Tips to Rescue a Dead End Diet

Ever been dieting and felt stranded? Does everything suddenly look strange? Do you feel uncomfortable, as if you are lost in a forest with no fat-free bread crumbs in sight?


Fats Necessary in the Daily Diet

Dieting can get confusing. Take cooking oil. Cutting the unhealthy oils from the diet can equal great weight loss results and healthy benefits - but cutting out the healthy oils can actually raise health risks....


King of the Diet Road

Kit was inside his Diet Car - whizzing by the crème-filled cupcakes, running smack-dab over ooey-gooey sticky buns and weaving in and out of jams like nobody's business....


Preparing the Body For Exercise

If you haven't headed out into the Wild Blue Yonder in quite some time for a little exercise, think before you leap. (Oh how quickly we forget the most basic of things.)

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