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Soups, a Low Calorie Choice While Dieting

Oh my - we have delicious, low calorie soup on the menu. Soups the Diet Scoop any time of year.

When it's blustery outdoors we can cuddle up to a warm bowl of comforting, warming soup. When it's hotter than you-know-what outdoors we can enjoy a bowl of fruit-based soup.

And when we're sick, soup can even make us feel better, the warm vapors steaming from the bowl providing comfort for a stuffy nose - and the simple feeling of home which makes things 'all better'.

Dieting Tips for Soup

Enjoy a bowl before each meal to assist with losing weight.

Soup will help make you feel fuller and curb appetite so that you don't overeat the main course which tend to be much steeper in caloric values than most soups, even the cream-based soups.

Speaking of which, because serving size of most soups equal 1 cup even the cream-based soups aren't as deadly as some would have us believe.

Easy, Quick Soup Recipes

A very quick tried and true recipe for soup is to use the mashed version and add liquid. Depending upon the vegetable, either reduced fat milk, low fat cream or broth generally make excellent options.

Quick Potato Soup Recipe

For a quick potato soup, add 1 cup of skim milk to every cup of mashed potatoes. Stir to incorporate the ingredients well; add a bit of sauteed chopped onions, minced garlic or sliced mushrooms for a gourmet quick-soup. Heat and eat; enjoy with a chunk of your favorite bread along with a bit of reduced fat margarine.

Quick Tomato Soup Recipe

For a quick tomato soup blend unseasoned (or your favorite seasoned) stewed tomatoes. Add to a pot with salt and pepper and your favorite spices, if using unseasoned varieties. Add a cup of milk.

Quick Squash Soup Recipe

What about squash soup? We created this in our humble kitchen after determining that squash goes wonderfully-well with light sour cream. Start by boiling five yellow straight-neck summer squash. When tender, drain thoroughly. Blend until you have the desired consistency. If you like bits of squash in your recipe, then just pulsate a few times. If you enjoy a smooth consistency, then blend well.

Add 1 cup of reduced fat sour cream to the blended squash and stir to incorporate. Serve while still piping hot.

Don't Forget Breakfast

Enjoy a hearty breakfast to start your day and rev your metabolic rate into high gear. Enjoy a whole grain sandwich or bagel sandwich for lunch containing a rich supply of fresh vegetables, reduced fat cheese and tomato slices.

When dinner arrives, opt for a serving of soup and a side of crackers. Cutting calories at the end of the day from the evening meal may assistin speeding-up the rate of weight loss.

Lean Stews & Chili, Also Excellent Choices for Dieters

If you're not in the mood for soup, we have some delicious stew and chili recipes below that might suit your taste buds. My personal favorites on the list below are: Tuscan Tortilla Diet Soup, the Tin Top Stew and Tom's Fireplug Chili.

Diet Bites is a fun place to be for dieters and health seekers alike!

Diet Soups, Stews & Chili Recipes

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