The Cabbage Patch for Healthy Bites

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


Cabbage for Your Diet Plan

Oh those wonderful, vitamin loaded veggies!  

So low in calories and a dieter's delight. Run - don't walk - to your local market!

And one of the best? Cabbage; it's so popular that entire weight loss plans have been built around it. Stink that it may, it's a great super food when it comes to telling those pounds to take a hike and to never come back.

Positive Side Effects of Cabbage & Health

There are so many varieties to experiment with  - from Napa to red and all are super low in caloric values, super high in nutrition.

Although we cannot recommended the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan due to its deficiency in calories, vitamins and mineral requirements by the body, we can recommend this tasty soup recipe be added to your current plan. That recipe is located here. It is very easy to prepare with common ingredients and contains about 50 calories per one cup serving.

One cup of chopped cabbage from the following species contains these caloric values:

Red Variety: 28
Common Green: 22
Savoy: 19 per shredded cup
Swamp or Skunk Cabbage: 11
Chinese: 12 per shredded cup
Mustard Variety: 36 per cooked cup
Japanese Variety: 45 per pickled cup
Napa Cabbage: 13 per cooked cup

Negative Side Effects of Cabbage

It tends to create digestive upset when consumed in bulk - and at times, even when a small amount is consumed. Bloating, gas and abdominal pressure are all common digestive complaints.

When prepared as a slaw to accompany seafood, bar-b-que and other favorite main courses, the fat values increase greatly due to the addition of salad dressings or full-blown Mayo. To keep calories and fat in check, use a reduced fat brand of both the Mayo and salad dressing.

In Conclusion

It's not only cabbage that can assist with losing fat pounds - it's the entire Vegetable Group. Even those specimens which are unfairly assumed to be extreme in caloric values are minimal. Take corn and potatoes; both contain about 100 kcals per serving.

It's only when the dieter starts to add butter, margarine, bacon, cheese and sauces to the vegetables that they explode in negative values.

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