Egg Gadgets
Can you really live without them?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Are you in Gadget Heaven?

Go down the houseware section of your favorite Supermart and you'll find literally thousands of cooking gadgets. Some are cute; some are very ingenious; some can even perform miracles.

When it comes to eggs, the number of available gadgets takes a huge rise! But, just how many of these egg gadgets does one really need?

Egg Gadget Mania; it's Retail's inventive way to take away that hard earned money, one dollar at a time. Egg gadgets are cheap. There are also about a million different types of egg gadgets.

When you encompass all the gadgets that one can buy to prepare breakfast, it becomes ridiculous.

But everyone owns egg gadgets! While most of these irresistible tools are useful, are some more trouble than they are worth?

Let's take a look at two domestic cooks preparing a simple breakfast, one a resolved gadget user, and one using 'regular' kitchen tools.

Gidget the Gadget User

(Previously entitled, 'The Teeny Tiny Gadget Woman')

Gidget slams down the button, shutting off the painful morning alarm. Time to hop out of bed, catch a shower, and make breakfast for two. She and Greg enjoy hearty breakfasts.

Thirty minutes later, Gidget is in the kitchen beginning breakfast preparations. She has decided on an omelet for herself, sunny side up eggs for her husband- bacon, hash browns, toast, fresh orange juice and coffee.

She begins by making her omelet in one pan, and frying the bacon in the other. A round screen gadget has been placed over the frying pan of bacon to prevent splatters.

Gidget digs in one of her kitchen drawers for her egg scrambler gadget, her whisk gadget, her dicing gadget, and her cheese-slicing gadget.

With the aid of her egg-scrambling gadget, Gidget scrambles the eggs so that they are evenly distributed inside their shells.

Next, her whisk gadget resumes control by carefully whisking the two eggs into a pretty yellow fluff. Then she cuts the green and red peppers into small slices and places them into her dicing gadget.

Finally, she slices a piece of cheddar from the large block of cheese with her cheese-slicing gadget, then finishes off the omelet with all the gadget prepared ingredients.

The bacon.

Time to put the medal press on the bacon so it will turn out flat, like a pork pancake.

When the bacon is to Gidget's liking, she removes it, then digs out her Humpty Dumpty egg-shaping gadget that will ensure Greg's sunny side up egg its perfect roundness.

She places it into the pan, then carefully fills it with the cracked egg's contents. Whoops! A tiny shell in the egg.

Not a prob for Gidget; she merely grabs her set of emergency egg shell gadget tongs and lifts the wayward shell from Greg's egg.

Hashbrown Shredding Gadget.

Gidget is in great shape here. Last evening she had the foresight to use her potato-peeling gadget to peel the potatoes!

Now, she simply shreds the fresh peeled potatoes with her shredding gadget, then tosses them into the pan to brown, capping the round screen over the pan to prevent those nasty splatters.

While they are finishing, she pops the toast into the toaster and quickly grabs four fresh oranges. Using her orange squeezing gadget, she quickly churns out the fresh orange juice.

Coffee Gadgets

The fresh beans go rattling into the coffee-grinding gadget and in no time flat, Gidget has the coffee perking.

She looks at the clock as she races to get everything on the table. Forty-five minutes to prepare breakfast. Not bad. Hum; wonder how long it's going to take to wash all those gadgets?


Simple Sam

(Previously entitled, 'Simple Simon')

It's time to look at how Sam's experience in his humble kitchen. Does he-too have gadgets? Are they time savers?

Sam ambles out of bed, down the stairs and into the shower, washing the night from his eyes. An hour from now he'll need to have his five kids at the school.

Ten minutes later, Sam dumps a pound of bacon into an iron skillet. It hisses like a Texas rattlesnake, but Sam doesn't take notice.

Small things don't bother Sam much, if at all. He'll be doing a 'fast clean' in a bit anyway with the super-powered degreaser he purchased at the hardware store.

As the bacon cooks, Sam puts on the coffee and sets a gallon of whole milk on the table, along with a loaf of fresh bread, a giant bottle of catsup, and a basket of oranges for the kids.

The frozen hashbrowns go into the toaster, then Sam removes the bacon just in time to add the dozen eggs he stirred together with the aid of a fork.

He pauses to look at the kitchen clock. Twelve minutes flat. Not bad.

"Soup's on, kids!"

In Conclusions

By the way, Sam was the blue ribbon winner of the chili cook-off at the local county fair last year. He is also a fireman and a connoisseur of fine cheese.

In his spare time he enjoys pool and a good game of chess.

Gidget has been enrolled in the continuing education cooking class at the local college for fours years running. She is an aspiring balloonist.

Gadget mania, it's your choice!

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