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How Often Should You Weigh?  |  Weight Loss Photos: Before & After  |  What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound

I Need to Lose 25 - 75 Pounds

Written by Diet Bites

How to Safely Lose up to 75 Pounds

If you have 25 to 75 pounds that you would like to lose, plan to commit to these items.

Commit to 3 Months of Dieting

How often do you need to weigh? As often as you like!A three to ten month commitment which equals twelve to forty weeks.

You can certainly lose the weight in a shorter amount of time - but keep in mind that health professionals encourage a two pound per week rate of loss which allows the human body time to adjust - and to take off the excess in a safe manner.

Amending Your Unhealthy Eating Plan

Plenty of rest will assist you with your weight loss plan. Be willing to learn about the foods you need to eat; this equates to becoming a label reader as well as becoming more affluent in the area of nutritional needs of your body and the amount of daily energy that it requires to support your ideal or healthy weight.

How often do you need to weigh? As often as you like! Implement healthy recipes into your diet; sticking to your current daily routine where eating is concerned will simply render the same challenges for body weight. By learning how to eat healthier and which foods are best for the body, you'll be able to trim calories, thus trim the body fat.

Time to Add More Interest to Your Life AND Your Diet Plan, Including Moderate Exercise

Try to walk 15 minutes straight each day to accellerate your weight loss. Become involved in something that you like to do; this will assist in keeping your mind off of eating.

Diet Snack: It's hard to beat fruit for diet snack time. Want something sour? Lemons! Something tarty? Cherries! Something sweet? Bananas! Something Bitter? Persimmons!  Something salty? Sprinkle a bit of salt on your watermelon! Learn mind-game exercises to help you achieve your weight goals; rather than thinking, "I can't have that cookie," instead think the following, "I want to be at a healthy size more than I want that cookie".

How often do you need to weigh? As often as you like! Implement moderate exercise into your daily routine; it will assist in getting rid of those pounds quicker while strengthening your bones and building muscle.

Commitment Tips

Odds are, you're probably thinking, "Three months!" OR "Ten months!" It probably seems like a really long stretch, and at this point you may be wanting to backtrack and forget all about the miserable dieting phase you had planned to enter.

But wait!  Let's take a moment to pause and think this through.  Please consider the following:

- If you put off dieting, you're just losing valuable time.  Why not bite the bullet and get the weight off once and for all?

- Three months, and even ten months really isn't that long.  

Think of it like this... If you are reading this article and it is February, then about three months have passed since Thanksgiving.  And if you need the ten month-deal, then by the time that Thanksgiving rolls around, you'll have achieved your fitness goals.

In Conclusion

Gaining pounds is much easier than losing them and the longer that they remain on the body, the more difficult they are to remove.

Why is this the case?

Because they have remained on the body for a significant amount of time, either the individual has not attempted to lose them OR they may have tried several plans that didn't work. In addition, a body that has more pounds than it was built to support tends to be a body at rest; and when the body remains at rest for long periods of time - muscle mass is overtaken by fat mass which requires fewer calories to support.

If you are struggling with losing more than twenty five pounds and even seventy five pounds or more and you feel frustrated - this is a challenge that can be accomplished with willpower and motivation.

Keep in mind that losing weight is something that everyone can accomplish; keeping off those lost pounds will prove more difficult than losing them.

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