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The Meat & Potatoes Diet Plan

Written by Diet Bites

Optimum nutrition includes fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy products, grains, fat and chocolate.  

Wait.  Okay, who is the wise guy that tossed in the chocolate?  And while we are addressing this point, who tossed Mayo, salad dressing, and non-dairy whipped topping into the mix?

Unfortunately, at some point in recent history we skipped off the Smart Diet Trail and took a crooked path to Condiment Hades.  It's time to get back on track; time to enter the Land of Meat and Potatoes.

Unhealthy Spreads, Dressings & Other Condiments Can Ruin the Best of Diet Plans

Seriously, just think about all of the available condiments on today's market for a moment. Mayo, salad dressing, fake bacon bits, croutons - all pretty hefty additions to our diet.  

An innocent lean ham and cheese sandwich can be transformed into a pulsating pit of fat with the simple addition of 2 Tablespoons of Mayo.  Who says that the color white is symbolic of virginity?  It looks pretty naughty to me.  In fact, the sandwich goes from about 250 calories to about 450 calories, victimized by a mere 2 Tablespoons of unvirginic goo.

Yes, it's time to get back to the simple way of life; time to stop and smell the roses; time to eat our potatoes naked so that we can enjoy the titillating oomph provided by Mother Nature, a taste that only She can deliver.

But please be forewarned that you may need to dedicate a bit of time in retraining your taste buds.  That naked potato may taste like starchy cardboard until they readjust.  Rather than going cold turkey, consider slowly reducing the amount of toppings on your food.

Take a quick glance at the following table and think clearly as you ask yourself these questions, "What is the healthier choice?  

Does my body really need to be packed with this type of food?  Are the calories that I save, and the health benefits that I reap worth the sacrifice in taste?  And, what really does taste better?  

Have I trained my taste buds to fit the standards of today's cooks?  Would I really enjoy the simple food better than the unhealthy offering that's been weighted down with cartons of butter, pitchers of cream, globs of oil and jars of camouflaged unvirginic fat?"

Nutrition & Caloric Comparison of Natural Foods vs Foods Which Contain Added Fatty Ingredients





Flaky Potato


Flaky potato piled high with sour cream, chives, butter, fake bacon bits, salt, pepper, globs of grated cheese and more butter.


Crisp Red Apple


Crisp red apple, cut, then piled high with brown sugar, cinnamon, marshmallow and lots of walnuts, then placed in hot oven.  Topped with fresh whipped cream and sometimes a few spoonfuls of jarred caramel sauce.


Steamed Asparagus, 1 cup


Asparagus drowned in butter and Monterey Jack cheese, broiled.


Pinto Beans, 1 cup


Bean burrito smothered in chili and cheese and sometimes exploding with the addition of beef.


Slice of Fresh Bread


Slice of fresh bread dipped in egg, then fried in butter.  Top with syrup and more butter. (a la French Toast)


Pecans, 1 ounce


Pecan pie topped with whipped cream, 1 small slice


Boiled egg, 1


Egg, bacon, cheese omelet fried in real butter and topped with additional grated cheese.


Roasted Chicken Breast


Fried chicken breast


Rice, 1 cup


Rice with cheese and butter, 1 cup.


In fact, you could achieve weight loss by simply dumping all the condiments that are currently laced into your daily diet!  

Think Before You Eat

So the next time you eat, before you place that goody through your lips, make sure that it's something that you want to do.  You may just discover through a little trial and error that you actually enjoy the goody much better without all those additional additives that don't add anything of value to your diet, only unwanted pounds.

And if you can't get back to the basics, please try the healthier, lower calorie alternatives such as substituting mustard for Mayo.  

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