Taking Control of Your Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Crossing the bridge to diet success!

It's not easy - this dieting thing.  Some days are diamonds, some days just aren't. Why is that?  What can you do to make every day a diet diamond? Or, do you just feel frustrated with it all?  Do you feel that perhaps it's time to give up your diet?  That it's just not worth it?

If this sounds familiar, don't pitch in the towel just yet!  Especially not now - not when it's finally getting good and sweaty!  You have traveled a long way, so don't even think about bailing out at this point!  You'll be so angry with yourself if you do - and that is a guarantee.

Let's try to readjust your thinking so you can formulate a NEW GAME PLAN! By peering into the following examples, perhaps it will help you in retrieving the reins as you travel down the bumpy, dust-laden diet trail.  

To succeed, you MUST get back and stay in control of your diet journey!

Diet Story #1 - Delbert enjoys television so much that he spends every free moment he has watching.  It doesn't matter what is playing - a great or rotten sitcom, the news (which generally interrupts the sitcoms these days), a soap opera, a western, a sports program, even a religious program of his opposite faith when all the other channels have turned in for the night.

Fact is, Delbert LOVES watching television.

But Delbert is not an idiot!  He loves watching television during his FREE time. When the sun hits the morning sky, Delbert is up and off to work for the day. He wouldn't think of calling his work to tell them that he won't be in because he needs to stay home and watch television that day.

Yes, sometimes in a blue moon, Delbert has been privately known to do that. But it is a very rare thing.

Delbert Knows When to Quit Watching T.V. He is in Control

Diet Story #2 - Jenny loves to hike.  She will climb any mountain, follow most any trail, or seek out new trails at every opportunity.  Fact is, Jenny just LOVES to hike.

One day Jenny went out hiking.  

She had intended to take a short hike and had only brought along enough water and energy treats to last for the brief journey.

She looked to her north.  Poking through the trees, which had grown a bit naked due to fall, she caught sight of a beautiful mountain resting in the distance.  

It looked like glass, an enchanting hub literally throbbing to be explored!

Jenny wanted to go explore the mountain NOW.  

She felt excited, adventurous, and yes, a bit saddened.  Why sad?  Because Jenny had brought enough nourishment to last just a short while.  She knew that if she attempted to explore the mountain, she would be putting herself at very high risk.

Jenny turned back and promised herself that she would return again one day, and come prepared for her adventure.

Diet Story #3

Pepe loved to play his Country & Western music very loud.  Thankfully, he lived in the country with no neighbors for miles on end.

He played his music very loud at home.  He played his music very loud when he drove his car.  So loud, that it bounced up and down and vibrated whenever he stopped at the traffic lights.  He was the most popular driver at the intersection when this would happen!

One day Pepe couldn't hear his dog yapping at a flock of crows through the bedroom window.  He wasn't too worried, but later that day he couldn't hear the toilet when it flushed.  Later that evening, he couldn't hear his spotted rooster crow.

Back to our trio of Delbert, Jenny and Pepe.  Even though they loved doing their special things, they all knew when to quit.  They realized their limitations.

This is also a key!  You must know when to stop eating. You must realize your limitations.  It is as simple as that.

Is it easy?  Huh!  Can the north wind blow south???  No! It's one of the most difficult feats that you will face, especially when dieting.  Why is that?  Why is it more difficult to say 'no' to food when you are dieting?

Because when you are dieting, you're living on a reduced amount of calories.

Once you achieve your weight goal, you'll be able to increase your calorie intake.

So YES, it does get easier to an extent.  You'll then face NEW weight demons, such as the Weight Maintenance Demon. This trickster will try to plump you up again, every day.

But never fear!  You have Diet Bites here to lead you through the weight loss path, and to help you maintain your new trimmer weight once you get there.

Back to Delbert, Jenny and Pepe.  

If you'll recall, on rare occasions, Delbert would stay home from work to watch TV.  On the flip-side of the coin, it is A-O-K for you to exceed your normal calorie allotment and have a naughty food treat.  The key is to do it very rarely.

Although our story didn't depict this, an insider tells me that when Delbert would stay home from work, when he returned he hit his job fast and furious.

That is the same manner in which you must act.  

If you are 'diet naughty' - meaning that you eat MORE than you should on a given day, then hit your diet fast and furious the following day. Be good! Be HALO GOOD. On another note, you should allow yourself at least ONE treat every day - dieting or not.

If not, you will be more apt to fall off of the diet trail.

Speaking of trail blazing, let's take another look at Jenny. Her story is representative of Diet Maintenance. She desperately wanted to tackle the mountain, but knew her limitations.

When you reach your weight loss goal, in order to maintain your weight, there will be times when you must simply say, "NO!".  

Like Jenny, you will return to the goody that is tempting you, and you will enjoy that goody.  

You will do this by planning ahead, by planning for the added calorie amount in your diet for that day, just as Jenny will plan to take the proper amount of supplies.

What about Pepe?

Pepe's hearing was damaged by the loud music, so he turned the volume down. He knew that if he continued to play his music at the same level, he could very well lose his hearing.

In relation, you may be a dieter who is losing weight due to health concerns. You know that if you don't lose weight and get in control, the added pounds could do major damage to your body.

So be like Pepe!  Remember Pepe.  Remember Jenny. Remember Delbert. Remember, that you are in control.

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