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How Often Should You Weigh?  |  Weight Loss Photos: Before & After  |  What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound

I Need to Lose 10 - 25 Pounds

Written by Diet Bites


How to safely lose 10 to 25 pounds & keep them off forever.

If you have 10 to 25 pounds that you would like to lose, then step right in and have a seat!  Yes, over here, on the red velvet sofa.  We want you to be comfy while you learn how you can melt away those unwanted, evil, pesky pounds - the healthy way - the Diet Bites way!

What's it going to cost you?  At Diet Bites, nothing - nada - not one shiny red penny!  Not even a dull brown one. All you need to do is simply plan to commit to these items:

- a six to twelve week time commitment

- be willing to learn about the foods you need to eat

- implement a bit of exercise into your daily routine

Commitment Matters When Dieting

If you are in a relationship, you know that commitment isn't as easy as it sounds.  

Somewhere along the Trail of Romance - the one that is sprinkled with roses and smells a bit like fine wine and an extinguished candle flame - you will come to odds with your partner.  It's inevitable.

It may be over something as trivial as how you both prefer your bath towels to be folded, which is exactly what happened to Tina and Jim...

For argument's sake, let's assume that Tina and Jim have both just....well, argued. They are very upset with one another.  

But with a little time, they both come to their smarter senses and make up. They both decide never to fold the bath towels again!  Who cares? The only thing that matters is the two of them.

The above story illustrates this point: Tina and Jim are committed to each other when they began their relationship.

When they fought, they became very frustrated and disappointed with one another.  But when all was said and done, and the candle smoke cleared, the fact remained that they both loved one another.  They were both committed to one another.  They made up.  They found a solution.  They didn't run off and leave one another.

This is exactly like dieting!  

Let's take a look at Carol, who happens to be on a diet. She has been so good since last Monday, when she began her diet commitment. The second day she was on her diet, she lost 3 pounds!

However, today when she weighed, she had gained back 2 of those pounds. Bummers!

To make matters even more depressing, as soon as she finished jumping up and down on the scales at a very hard and fast pace, she noticed the bag of corn chips innocently resting on the countertop.  

Carol is so angry at herself, as well as her scales, for not losing more weight.

And most importantly, for gaining back those two unwanted pounds.  Before taking time to think with a clear mind, Carol collects the bag and before she knows what hit her, she's fishing down deep to dig out the last broken chip.

Do you think that Carol feels better now?  Oh no!  She feels worse now than when she weighed.  She feels as if she has failed, that she didn't stick to her weight loss commitment.

Let's try to rewrite the above paragraphs, because they are just too heartbreaking to bear.  Let's pretend that this is what really happened.... Part 2

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