Diet & Sluggish Metabolism
 Why Dieting is So Low Down & Dirty

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No Instant Gratification Where Weight Loss is Concerned

Put a quarter in a gumball machine and you receive a gumball. Instant gratification!  Put a bunch of quarters in a jukebox and your favorite song bellows out. Instant gratification!  

Pass up a slice of black forest cheesecake for a lousy orange carrot. Instant nothing!

That's the trouble with dieting.  There's no instant gratification.  Dieting is low down and dirty! Dieting is the mother of all waiting games.  

Think of dieting like this....

The Diet Cycle & How Dieting Impacts Metabolism

Not to be mistaken for exercise cycle, or the wash cycle and especially not the mid-life cycle. Nonetheless, this is how it all works:

A Lot of Green Foods

Dieting - it has a green thing going on, just like the Exorcist.

In fact, green generally becomes a dieter's most non-favorite color because when dieting, it's about the only color that most diets allow.  

One of these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see the debut of a crazy Yard Diet - one where they suggest that the dieter be tethered outside like a goat to feast on the healthy things that Mother Earth has to offer, things such as dandelions, carpet grass and clover.

Back to our metabolism...

Our metabolism can be very uncooperative, specifically when dieting time is tap-dancing about.

Why? Because it has been slowly programmed to process a certain amount of food, as well as certain types of food, for a very long while.  

When one ventures out onto the old diet trail, drastic changes are suddenly implemented in a effort to lose weight. This confuses the metabolism.  

Conquering a Slow Metabolism

At this point, the metabolism can go berserk.  It can become cranky, irritable, stubborn.  

Just look at these revealing before and after photos of the metabolism.  

It's just too scary.

In it's pre-diet stage, the metabolism is much like a frolicking frijole - innocent, content and just happy to keep on moving right along as it has been.

After all, it's lovely - not having to worry about how fast or how slow one is. And where hard work is involves - the slower the better.

AFTER a weight loss plan begins - there is a whole of defiance! Here's why....

Think about the following.  

You probably have a certain side of the bed that you prefer to sleep on every night. What if one night, you are forced to switch sides of the bed? You probably wouldn't sleep very well, and you'd probably wake up a bit disoriented, trying to get your bearings.  

This is a bit like our metabolism. During our dieting cycles, it becomes confused, and as mentioned above, cranky, irritable and stubborn.

Metabolism Requires an Adjustment Time for Processing Weight Loss Results

So, the metabolism has to adjust, and must do such over time.

No instant gratification. Even though we resist the chocolate covered fudge cake trimmed with a mocha icing ruffle, we have to learn to wait - to be patient.  

We may wait one day.  We may wait three days. We may wait one week. Or a few weeks.

What to do When Metabolism Slows

If your metabolism becomes locked for more than three weeks, make an appointment with your nutritionist and devise a new game plan.

During this terrible, trying waiting game, our scales refuse to budge.  

They seem to be in a state of dormancy. We get frustrated. We think, "Why am I suffering? It isn't doing any good!"

BUT - IF we stick to our plan, our metabolism adjusts to our food intake as well as to the healthier foods that it is having to process and WHAM!!! Unwanted girth vanishes!

Even though dieting is low down and dirty, there are winners!

Stand strong, stay true to your goals, eat healthy, resist temptation, last out the viscous waiting game, and weight loss success will be yours!

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