Take a Vacation From Your Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Vacations come few and far between, so concentrate on enjoying every moment of the magic! Even when dieting.

Just think about this for a moment. How many times have you been on a diet when a special occasion has rolled around? If this shoe fits, you probably passed on the luscious celebration goodies and that didn't feel very good, did it?

On one hand, you felt proud because you'd passed up the naughty treats and your willpower had won out. On the other hand, you were frustrated that you had to do such. Then two days later, you may have gotten off your diet. Again, you missed the magic of the moment.

Why couldn't everyone just have been born thin? But they weren't.

Atmosphere, the company, the decorations - all of these elements help comprise the magic of a special occasion - particularly when we're on vacation. And while on vacation, it's important for you to relax, let your hair down, and enjoy!

If you are fixing to head out for vacation, and you are on a diet, please DO enjoy the magic. Three or four days isn't going to make or break your diet scale. YOU are in charge. YOU are in control. YOU are focused. YOU are on track and will just be taking a short, and cautious, break.

Here are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy your vacation without overshadowing you with guilt:

Eat a very light breakfast and go easy at dinner. Try to make lunch your biggest meal of the day.

Monitoring High Calories Foods, Beverages

At the restaurants, if the appetizers are irresistible, as well as those baskets of chips and bread that arrive before your meal, then consider ordering another small appetizer rather than a meal. Go easy on the butter, sour cream and cheese.

Mixed drinks are very high in calories, so carefully decide if you'd rather have some spirits or something solid.

Avoid the salty treats if at all possible.

Salty foods tend to make us crave water, thus adding false pounds to the scales. In turn, this may cause a dieter to 'falsely feel' as if they have blown their diet plan.

Make Healthy Food Choices

But if there is something that catches your eye on the menu, then go for it.

Be aware of what you eat, but don't obsess.

If you think a treat will cause you stress, then pass it up because it's not worth that. The trick is to enjoy your vacation without going on a total binge. This is a great exercise in control that has many benefits for the dieter. Listen to your wise thoughts. Enjoy, but don't binge.

Try to save a bit of room for sampling throughout the day for goodies you may run into along the way.

Dehydrate for Skin & Vital Organ Health

Buy a cute water bottle and keep it close by during your vacation. Sip from it very often; this will keep you hydrated and quench your thirst. Remember, when you opt for water rather than sugary drinks, your body will naturally crave water rather than the sugary drinks. It's all about adjusting.

Increase Activity Levels

You're probably going to be a lot more active on your vacation than your normal daily routine. This will help spend a few of those extra calories.

In Conclusion

Enjoy the sights, take a long walk along the beach, or tour a museum. When you move, you burn calories.

Put on your new bathing suit and wear it with pride! Who cares what anyone thinks?

You'll probably never see the people on this beach again! And even if you do, who cares?

Do you actually sit around thinking about how someone looks in a bathing suit? Of course not!

We're all too busy worrying about how WE look. Besides, you're going to donate your bathing suit to a charity anyway,because next summer you're going to need one that's a size smaller, right? Yes.

When you return home, get right back on track with your diet.

Enjoy your vacation, take in plenty of fun activities, choose foods wisely, get back on track when you arrive home, and don't forget the souvenirs. Just don't let them be souvenirs in the form of unwanted pounds.


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