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The Life Plan for Permanent Weight Loss Success

Written by Diet Bites

Want to lose those unhealthy pounds? Then give this a try...

I may not personally know you, but I know your pain. I want to help you so badly!

If you desire to drop some weight, why not give the following advice a try?

I would like to challenge you to stick with these recommendations for four days. You can do this for just four short days. See what the results are - note how you feel at the end of these four days. See if you lose weight; you might be pleasantly surprised.

And no - we're not going to go on a diet per say.

Diet Bites Life Plan Diet, How it Works to Produce Weight Loss

Rather than 'go on a diet' we're going to go on a Life Plan. If you decide to try this healthier mode for weight loss we strongly suggest that you begin on a Monday and end it on a Thursday - or continue until you've lost to your desired weight.

You'll not only feel physically better, you'll feel mentally clearer. Your self-esteem will also get a huge boost, and in the process you'll feel prouder about yourself. What's more, our plan is totally free.

One caveat: please do not binge or gorge yourself with food over the weekend or the days leading up to the plan. It takes weight gain a few days at times to fully register on the bathroom scales - and if bingeing or gorging occurs prior to going on the plan, any weight gain can be reflected on the four days that you're trying the plan and will be totally unrelated to the plan, rather to the recent binge.

In addition, if you go on our Life Plan and decide to return to your former diet, you may see a decrease in your weight after doing such - as again, it can take a bit of time for the body to adjust the weight. There is a whole lot of work involved by the body for the process to fully bloom.

No Counting Calories, No Counting Fat Grams, No Counting Carbohydrate Grams

As you follow the Life Plan you won't need to count calories, carbs or fat grams. The purpose of this plan is to get you on track - to get you thinking about each and every morsel of food that you intake throughout the day.

What you eat, truly matters. The amount of food that you eat, also truly matters. However, by eliminating the high calorie foods from your diet, it's much harder to gain weight during those times when one may overeat.

Try to aim for the following:

Diet Bites Life Plan - Four Teensy Days

- Cut back or eliminate butter, cream and oil from your diet.
- Instead of 'sweets' eat a piece of fruit.
- Opt for a 'skinny' version of a food rather than 'the full-blown deal'.
- Eliminate alcoholic drinks from your diet as well as sugary drinks. Instead, opt for water or diet drinks.
- Eat lean meats, fresh veggies rather than dipped, battered and fried foods; limit sauces as well as cheese.
- Use those wonderful blue or pink packets to sweeten your drinks, cereal and other food selections.

Before you put food into your mouth, STOP - LOOK - LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE. Ask yourself:

- What am I eating? Are you truly hungry or have you got a bad case of the nibbles? Do you know how to determine true hunger? If you have the nibbles and you are presented with a cookie or a rice cake - you'll grab the cookie more often than not (unless you are a rice cake fanatic). If you were just presented with the rice cake, you would most likely smite it and keep looking for something tasty to satisfy your nibbles.

When true hunger enters the picture, if presented with that plain, bland rice cake - you'll grab it quicker than a Ninja can snatch a grasshopper out of their trainer's palm. When hungry, almost any food will suffice.

- Is this loaded with fat? If the food is terrifically fatty, it's most likely going to be terrifically high in caloric values. Read those nutrition labels when making choices that count. And fat calories count in a very big 'weigh'.

- Is this loaded with sugar? As with dietary fat, sugar grams can spew hot molten lava all over your weight loss dreams.

- Is this fried? Then while you may really want to eat that fried wonder, you really don't want it inserted into your daily caloric totals. Pass go and don't collect the fried foods. Sail on down to the oven or pan-roasted section and eat your healthy fix.

- Is this beer loaded with calories? How many? And do I really need it - and can I really afford the calories?


Good luck, and only the best of health as you charge forward with your weight loss plan.

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