Generous Menu for Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


A day in the life of a Diet Coach....and one BIG menu!

Tired of eating like a bunny on your diet? Worse yet, a bird?

Then check out the menu below that I created for one of my clients during Diet Plateau time.

The following is the email that was sent to my client. It is a 'relaxed' menu which was not originally intended to be shared, so just enjoy.

The Email: Okay, cupcake - here's our special 'pig-out without guilt' menu - just as promised! Enjoy!! One thing: I didn't mention drinks. You can do water, diet drinks or tea with sugar substitute.

Breakfast Menu


1/2 carton of Eggbeaters scrambled in 'Pam' 50 calories; I like mine with catsup.

2 pieces of toast 90 calories; use the 40-45 calorie per slice bread - OR 1 slice of regular. Spray your bread BEFORE popping it into the toaster with either butter spray Pam or the no calorie fridge sprays. It's fab!

1 Teaspoon of Jam/Jelly 50 calories; you know, those little McDonald's packets of jelly are about the perfect size.

2 pieces of bacon 80 calories

Microwave on paper towels - be sure and check calorie-count on bacon pack as some are more fatty than others. I do not like the turkey bacon products at all. You may. Re-pat the bacon after you remove it from the Microwave.

BREAKFAST CALORIE COUNT: Let's allow 300 calories to be on the safe side.

Lunch Menu


Your base is:

¼ head of lettuce, any variety

tomatoes - cherry, slicers, Roma's, etc….your choice

lean ham or turkey - usually 34 calories per serving - chop it up into the salad

Salad Options:

Grated carrots; Remember…count that carrot.

sprinkle with non-fat cheese

add 1 teaspoon of Bacos if you'd like

you can also add peppers, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, colorful cabbage, bean sprouts and so forth

Salad Dressing: 1 Tablespoon of Honey-Mustard low-calorie salad dressing OR Ranch or your favorite low calorie choice.

Assorted Crackers - Usually about 10 calories per cracker so use sparingly.

Beware: All low-cal dressings are not created equal. Check calorie content. Serve it on the side OR mixed thoroughly into the salad.

Desert: ½ a cantaloupe That's about 50 calories.

LUNCH CALORIE COUNT: Let's allow 450 to be on the safe side.

Dinner Menu


½ can of Wolf Brand Chili - Extra Lean 180 calories; you can also use the turkey chili if you'd like - or any chili within this calorie range.

1 slice of ANY 50 calorie or less cheese 50 calories

Fritoes or Corn Chips. regular size equals 32 chips and be sure to count them; 160 calories

Add onions, peppers if desired. I desire lots of onions + a pack of Tic Tacs for later. Be sure and count those 1 ½ calorie mints if you have them though.

Sugar free Jell-O with non-fat Cool Whip topping 35 calories

DINNER CALORIE COUNT Let's allow 400 calories for this.

Okay, time to add - let me get out my abacus. Hum…I am coming up with ABOUT 1,150-1,200 calories here. So, what about adding snacks?   

The Big Diet Plan

Snack Options:

Popsicle 35 calories

½ bag of light popcorn 110 calories; remember, you can sprinkle this with sugar substitute, cinnamon, Parmesan cheese and such

Strawberries with Cool Whip 50 calories; I like to get the frozen ones at Wal-Mart. I place a smidgen of Cool Whip and sugar substitute on these. Yum Yum.

Cotton Candy; You'll be surprised at how low-cal this is; at Wal-Mart it's about 80 calories per bag.

You may not like Corn Chip pie. If not, you can have this for dinner instead:

Bowtie pasta - about 1 cup is 200 calories; you can use any type of pasta

½ cup of spaghetti sauce is about 40 calories

sprinkle with Kraft Parmesan cheese (in that green container)

garlic toast - prepare with the low-cal bread like you did for breakfast. When it's done sprinkle with garlic salt. Again, 2 slices for about 80 calories.

Jell-O for desert is about 35 calories with the Cool Whip.

Total: About 400 calories

Also, another breakfast suggestion and my all time favorite is:


Three slices of the 40-calorie bread. Spread each with a thin layer of jam; use the reduced stuff for this.

Top each layer with the low fat Cool Whip. Stack it as you go. This is about a 300-calorie breakfast and although it's not the healthiest thing in the world - it's wonderful to have as a special treat. You can even top it with a fresh strawberry.

One last thing. Remember it's up to YOU what you put into your tummy.

Right now your tummy is pretty small due to the dieting. It's finally adjusting to the new amount of food intake. So, remember that when you do 'Paul Bunyon eating' days that you need to do them sparingly or your tummy will re-stretch and you'll feel a lot hungrier. It's the bulk.

Also, this menu tends to be very salty - so when/if you eat these suggestions be sure and 'up' your water intake so you can flush out all that sodium.

AND take your vitamins.

Okay, last thing - and it's a little assignment for you. Let me know when you're ready to try something that will jump-start your metabolism.

I'll need a 6-day 'eating commitment' from you and you'll need to weigh at the beginning of this exercise and at the end of 3 days, then again at the end of day 6.

What we'll do is you'll continue like you have for the first 3 days and we'll monitor that weight loss.

Then, on the next 3 days I'll give you some meal suggestions, BUT you'llhave to go without dinner for those 3 days.

So, if you're game let me know. Here's the purpose of the exercise. I want you to see just how much of an affect that eating dinner has on your weight. You will be totally amazed! So, think about it and let me know.

Until next time, little cupcake.


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