Dealing With the Dog Days
of Summer

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What to do about weight loss when those crazy lazy days of summer aren't so lazy!

These Dog Days of Summer can really zap a body's energy. The sun's powers should always be taken very seriously, especially during this time of year.

And if you are working to lose weight, and plan on exercising outdoors, you'll want to take extra caution before venturing out into the heat.

Sand and concrete draw the sun's melting rays more than any other elements, so be especially careful to avoid these types of terrain during the hot peaks of the day.

If you have pets, remember to be kind to their very tender pads on their paws; if the walking area is too hot for you to walk upon with bare feet, then it's too hot for your pet's paws, too.

You can also obtain a very nasty burn when swimming, as the water acts as a powerful magnet in drawing the sun's rays. And don't let the clouds or the shade fool you, because the sun keeps shinning through - and onto you. You'll want to put on the sunscreen for that added invisible layer of protection when going outdoors - yes, even in the shade.

As to those wintry days, even then you can sustain damage from the sun's powerful rays. Think about this. We can't even glance up at the sun for a second without our eyes hurting profusely.

If we continue to gaze at the sun, we could damage our eyes or experience total blindness. Yet when we are outdoors, our skin is subjected to these powerful rays.

To see the damage that the sun can cause, time will be required. While the sunbather or construction worker might be out in the sun for a good deal of the day, they may look much the same from one day to another.

But over time, wrinkles begin to form and set into the skin quite deeply. The skin also become discolored in some individuals.

We have a red-plastic basket that we purchased that was suppose to grow tomatoes upside-down - but it was so hot where we live that the tender vines couldn't withstand the extreme temperatures.

At times we creep up towards 120 degrees in the spring, summer and fall months.

By the end of a couple of months in the sunshine of summer, the red had all but faded to pink. By the end of another month, the pink had faded to white.

And by the end of summer the baskethad began to deteriorate. Those powerful rays do much the same to our skin which is the largest organ of the body.

Signs & Symptoms of Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion

If you are out exercising in the heat and become sick at your tummy, dizzy, confused, chilled or weak - seek medical help as soon as possible. Heat strokes and heat exhaustion can be fatal, and do not necessarily occur at the time of exposure.

Some things to keep in mind when you are out and about exercising amid the summer heat:

Exercise Tips, Time of Day & Exposure to Sun's Powerful Rays

- Exercise during the cooler times of the day - specifically in the early morning and the late evening hours.

- Slather on the sunscreen - even when swimming & reapply according to package directions.

- Take along a small squirt bottle of water to fight dehydration.

- Wear a brimmed hat to protect thy head and thy golden tresses.

- Stick a pair of sunglasses on before heading out.

- When venturing outdoors in the evening, slather on the insect repellent to protect your skin. Mosquitoes carry some viscous diseases - some of which can prove life-threatening. It only takes one bite to get encephalitis; this causes a life-threatening inflammation of the brain. Symptoms include: fever, fatigue, tiredness, vomiting, and headache.

-Don't over-exert beyond your capabilities. You can reach the stage of total exhaustion very quickly in a dead heat and yes, become quite dead amid the process. Whenever the battle involves you and the sun - the sun will always win.

- Leave your cologne and perfume behind. Scents can lure insects.

Summing It Up: Exercising a little caution while you're exercising - is just plain smart. Have a safe summer and exercise when the sun isn't high in the sky.

Protect yourself from potentially harmful bites of insects.

Be sure to hydrate but don't over-hydrate as this can cause yet another serious health issue - an imbalance of the electrolytes.


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