Comparing Good Apples
to Bad Apples

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy alternatives for your weight loss plan; advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, when we're on a diet, we often try to visualize 'healthier alternatives' by comparing healthy foods to unhealthy foods.

A good example is an apple versus a slice of apple pie.

However, if you've visited Diet Bites you'll know that we don't necessarily consider a slice of apple pie to be an unhealthy food.

Many Diet Miesters will get out their leather whip and tanned leather boots when it comes to incorporating an 'evil' food into your diet.

While an apple is definitely a healthier choice than a slice of apple pie, it doesn't make the choice of pie unhealthy. It's all about moderation and keeping serving sizes under control as well as caloric and dietary fat content.

Defining Evil Food Choices

Generally, if dieters don't allow a satisfying treat into their diet, they're apt to fall off the Diet Wagon. On the other hand, it's very difficult to stop with just one tasty treat, so it's all about what? Moderation? Yes, yet again.

Let's see how Dieter Delta faced her unhealthier food choices and used them to her advantage to stay on her weight loss plan and set the sail to thin.

Delta loves a good doughnut whether it is coated in a layer of chocolate, loaded with nuts, sprinkles or filled with different types of cream. She enjoys visiting a well known doughnut shop which provides a nutrition guide to its customers. While some individuals might think this is ridiculous as doughnuts and pastries and big in caloric and dietary fat content - even these typical Diet No-No's can be enjoyed by the dieter on occasion.

As Delta studies the nutrition guide she discovers that the chocolate coated, cream filled donut contains 350 calories while a large glazed doughnut contains 200. She can have almost two glazed for the same caloric values as the chocolate-cream - but of course, she has no intention whatsoever in doing such as she wants to continue to lose those unhealthy pounds.

Delta chooses the glazed doughnut and she enjoys each and every bite by eating very slowly. She also enjoys a serving of coffee. And then she does something that most good dieters do - she adds the calories contained in her snack treat to her total calories for the day. Because she enjoyed the coffee black, it contained zero calories.

To compensate for the calories, Delta plans her diet menu for the rest of the day as such: she allows about 100 calories for her two daily snacks so she will forego her evening snack to balance her daily caloric intake so that she will continue to lose weight.

Now is that doughnut OR any type of sugary and fatty pastry the best choice? Not at all - and we want to make that very clear. But with dieters like Delta, being able to enjoy an occasional treat that she really loves can assist in keeping her happy, as well as keeping her on track with her weight loss plan.

Fried Food vs Baked, Grilled, Boiled and Pan or Oven Roasted Food

The nutrition content of a specific food can be altered greatly - simply by how it is cooked. Let's use an innocent potato as our 'victim'.

Preparation Method

Serving Size

Caloric Values

Baked, Boiled or Roasted

1 medium potato 120

French Fries

about 20 small sticks 250

Potato Chips

about 25 chips 250


1 cup 210

Au Gratin

1 cup 320


1 cup 160

Hash Browns

1 cup 240


1 cup 160

Potato Pancake

1 medium pancake 234

Potato Salad

1 cup 400

As we can see, we can trim mega calories by preparing foods in a healthy manner, such as roasting, broiling, grilling, boiling and even stir frying.

Wow! Ix-nay on the Potato Salad, eh? Frankly, I'd rather enjoy two cupcakes or a large slice of cake for my 400 calories. Better yet, one cupcake and one whole roasted potato. Or perhaps, one slice of tasty apple pie....

But on second thought, let's go for a healthy apple, just like Eve. Then again, was that such a wise choice?


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