How to Look Thin Without Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Swimsuit Issue - Diet, Body, Image - Be Fashionable, Experience Summer Fun!

Whether you're 5 pounds overweight or 150 pounds overweight - be fashionable and experience the summer fun!

Think about this; only a teensy percentage of women are satisfied with their physique - even women who fall within their recommended weight range.

It's downright ridiculous, isn't it?

Men are a bit different. Women demand fashion. Men demand comfort.

Nonetheless, whatever your gender, don't be skittish about sporting a swimsuit this summer! Life's too short to 'not experience' the fun!

Slenderizing Fashion Tips

- Darker colors create a slimmer illusion.

- Buy a size larger than you normally wear; this will help prevent tugging as well as create a more slender image.

- Sarongs are elegant and wispy, and make wonderful cover-ups for your swimsuit.

- Apply some tanning lotion to even out and darken skin tones.

'Need-to-Know' Fashion Tips

- Sunglasses equal  sexy - so grab several pair for your beaching excursion. You'll also be protecting those pretty peepers from Mr. Sun.

- Hydrate to avoid Prune Cloning.

- Paint those nails! There's nothing quite like fuchsia-colored nails sparking off a bright sun while buried in the sand. Girls, this just isn't for guys, either - so give it a whirl.

- Hats! Whether yours are studded with multi-colored mini-bows, knitted with fishing lures or are bigger than Hoss Cartright's 5 gallon white hat - don't forget your hat!

Straw allows a bit of sun to screen through, but it also allows your head to 'breathe'. It's my favorite choice and there are some cute ones out there.

- Don't forget your sand pail and spade.

More great tips that will save you from the sun's boisterous flames can be found at Diet Bites by clicking here.

And try to remember, it's important to be you and to have fun. When people reflect on the moment, it's best to be remembered as the lady who was fun, exciting and sexy rather than the lady who is always embarrassed in a swimsuit.

As for you guys - just be comfy.


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