Harold's Naughty Diet Adventure

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss VS Weight Gain Story

Harold was very naughty during his 10-day Hawaiian vacation, feasting on pineapple Mai Tai's, succulent pit-roasted piglet, and coconut rum cakes...

Can Harold lose his unwanted 12 pounds in 10 days?

Twelve pounds in ten days; yes, Harold was naughty to the maximum, but it was his vacation. And he's not so different than other vacationers: "Live and let thy hair down for today we party quite hearty - and on the morrow we'll worry about any weight that might be the result of too much feasting, too much partying."

Sad but so, the party is over and it's time to float back down to Mother Earth. It's suddenly 'the morrow'.

And Harold's floating down out of the Clouds of Diet Bliss a bit heavier than before his vacation, but he is quite serious about getting those excess and yes, cumbersome pounds off of his body, and in the quickest manner possible.

He has enjoyed his vacation and was quite enraptured by all of the luscious and exotic foods, but it's time to get down to business and lose that excess.

Harold skips towards his new weight loss plan and he begins to study things.

His discovery isn't as happy or as positive as he'd assumed it would be. This is why...

Unwanted Weight Gain

He had gained 12 pounds in 10 days, so he had assumed that he should be able to lose those twelve pounds in ten days, right? Unfortunately, when coconut rum cakes and succulent pit-roasted pigs fly.


Reason for Weight Gain

Harold had consumed approximately 42,000 calories OVER his daily caloric requirement in order to gain those twelve naughty pounds of Hawaiian flab. He'll need to expend that many calories in order to lose those 12 pounds.

As a note, we are assuming that these pounds are 'fat-stored pounds' rather than 'water-stored pounds'.

In simple terms, Harold actually consumed those 42,000 calories - and those pounds are not in the form of 'false weight gain' due to consuming foods that were mined with sodium (salt) content. Sodium Overload more often than not confuses the bathroom scales. Very few individuals are not sensitive to the side-effects of too much salt in the daily diet.

Let's try to assist Harold in getting back on tract with his former normal - or more specifically recommended weight which was 150 pounds.

Burning Calories With Exercise

If he walks 3 ˝ miles per hour, he'll burn about 180 calories for a 2-mile walk. If he runs, he'll only burn about 20 calories more. Even if Harold walked for 8 solid hours, he'd only burn about 1 pound. If he also decreased his daily caloric requirement by 500 calories, he'd lose about 1 pound for the week. If he had more pounds to lose, then he would lose weight quicker - but losing one to fifteen pounds is very challenging and requires a lot more time than getting to that level of a pound-overage.

So, as we can see - it takes a lot of effort to work off excess weight. Yet, it was so easy to gain. Why?

Dodging High Calories in the Daily Diet

Mixed drinks are extremely high in calories - 500 calories or more per drink is not uncommon. Drink seven of those suckers, and it translates to one evil pound. While on vacation, Harold enjoyed far too many happy drinks - which contributed to his unhappy weight gain dilemma.

Can Harold lose the excess weight?

YES - of course he can. But not as quickly as he had assumed.

Establishing a Sensible Weight Loss Plan

For example, if he had fifty pounds to lose, then he would obviously be eating a lot more calories within his current daily diet. Therefore, he would have more calories to work with - more that he could trim.

And if he trimmed them 1,000 calories per day, then he could lose 2 pounds of body per week versus the current rate of one pound per week. However, once he reduced to a certain level, he would be where he currently resides - needing to lose those twelve pounds with fewer daily calories to play with - thus resulting in a slower rate of fat loss, yet a healthy rate. And that's vital - losing weight at a safe rate.

For Harold, a more realistic goal is 1 ˝ to 2 pounds per week. Exercise, combined with smart eating, will have him back to his normal weight in about 6 weeks.

It's very easy to put on weight, but it's nearly impossible to lose weight as fast as you can gain weight. Sometimes, life just isn't fair, is it?

By the way, Harold did succeed and he has sworn off of roasted pig. The coconut rum cake's just a bit harder to kick…


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