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A smart diet goes a long way in promoting a healthy body and in making you just feel plain good. Great even!

Diet Bites recommends the following weight loss tips for that feel-good body:

Rather than going on a fad diet plan, determine the number of calories required to support your recommended weight.

For example, Arial needs to lose 63 pounds. She is currently consuming a daily diet which contains 2,900 calories.

Let's keep in mind that Arial's weight isn't based on the number a carbohydrate grams she consumes - or the number of dietary fat grams, sugar grams, cholesterol, protein grams, fiber grams - and so forth, rather her weight is determined by the amount of calories that she consumes throughout her day. These are recognized by the body as tiny capsules of energy.

Arial requires energy to perform activities. Without energy, she can't even open the door to her home - or for that matter, walk to the door. Without energy, she could not blink her eyes; her vital organs would cease to function without energy. Speaking of which, the bulk of energy which Arial consumes throughout her day is used by the body to support the body's vital functioning.

It is often assumed that the bulk of energy is used for exercise - but not so. They body has a basal need for energy; even if the body is completely at rest it requires calories. The amount of calories that it requires depend upon the size of the body - as well as other factors which influence weight such as age, muscle mass, metabolic rate and so forth.

For Arial, her body requires a basal energy rate of 50 calories per hour. Over the course of twenty-four hours within a day, her basic caloric needs equal 1,200 calories. What this means is that even if Arial remains in bed all day she will require 1,200 calories. Any activity that she physically performs will burn extra energy.

Now we can clearly see why weight loss plans that are severely restricted in caloric values are so dangerous to our health.

As to Arial, to lose those 63 unhealthy pounds she needs to reduce her current energy consumption which brings us to our next step.

Build your daily diet around the healthy Food Pyramid.

Arial needs to start thinking about the choices of food that she is putting on her meal plate as well as the types of liquids which reside in her cup, mug or glass. While many dieters feel overwhelmed at meal time - or even when the word 'diet' is mentioned, just making very simple changes can bring about healthy weight loss results.

For example, rather than ordering fried mushrooms, fried onions rings, fried potatoes and fried okra from the menu OR when dining at home, opt for the grilled or pan-roasted versions of these same foods. You'll cut the caloric and fat values five times over in most situations.

Let's take this another step. Arial enjoys fried chicken smothered in country gravy along with a large heap of buttered mashed potatoes which get another large ladle of country gravy. She also adores English peas as a side with her meal and these contain a buttery sauce along with salt and pepper. And of course, what's a great meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy without those golden dinner rolls slathered in more butter?

By making some very simple changes, Arial can lose those unhealthy pounds. This is how her meal plate can be modified and transformed to a healthy state - and assist in triggering weight loss results: roasted chicken, 1/2 cup of steamed rice, English peas out of the garden which are buttery-tasting without added fat, whole grain dinner roll with reduced fat margarine. Both meals are very flavorful and filling. One contains about 1/3 the caloric and dietary fat values as the other - and you know which one it is, don't you? That's right - you smart little dieter, you. It's the roasted chicken meal.

Arial likes the chocolate-covered strawberry cheesecake to top off her meal. This brings us to our next weight loss tip.

Opt for healthy fresh, seasonal fruits for dessert and snack times.

The better dessert choice would be whole strawberries topped with reduced fat whipped cream. And yes, that chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake tastes absolutely divine - but Arial must decide what she wants more: that cheesecake OR that thinner sized body. Rather than comparing foods, she would be wiser to compare the naughty food to a health benefit rather than to the lower calorie food. Another example: rather than the cheesecake, does she want to breathe easier or sweat less or have a stronger heart more than the cheesecake.

Don't stress over the little things.

Balance rest and activity as they are equally important in achieving maximum health.

Although weight impacts our daily life, as well as our health - it's just one piece of the overall Puzzle of Life. By embracing a healthier lifestyle, those little changes can bring about major difference in the way we feel and look - Diet Magic.


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