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Satiety Diet Plan, A Free Diet Plan

Written by Diet Bites

Eat a lot of food on this free diet plan & feel full longer while losing weight.

Although we are not advocates of overloading the tummy, our three day diet provides the Dieter with a 'test run' of a diet that will leave the tummy feeling full as the weight slips off…

Ooh my - can you hear the music blaring in the background as we physic-up for our Three Day Diet Plan? Sure you can - it's the theme song from Rocky.

Da da da, da da da… Are you Diet Game-Faced?

Satiety Diet Plan Guidelines

What? Diet Plan Rules? Always rules. And especially when one is dieting.

At least these are teensy Rules - they are doable rules. You can live with these rules. And with the weight you'll lose, you can live a lot longer with these simple, very sensible rules. Here we go:

Sweeteners: For these THREE days, use either the yellow, blue or pink packets.

Butter: For these THREE days, use only the refrigerated no-calorie butter spray or reduced calorie margarine.

Milk & Creamers: For these THREE days use the low fat, skim and reduced fat versions.

Beverages: For these THREE days, use only diet based or no-calorie beverages (sodas, Crystal-Light, Kool-Aid with yellow/blue/pink packets, water, water with lemon, water with lime, water with orange, coffee, etc.) Drinks are not mentioned below, so pick and choose your personal favorites.

Measuring: For serving size, sauces, etc., you MUST measure. So go grab your set of measuring spoons and a 1-cup measuring cup and let's get going. (Da da da, da da da...)

Buy 1 small package of sunflower seeds - or pumpkin seeds in the shell. Divide this into 3 even stacks. Eat throughout each day as an added snack, or add the seeds to items in your meal plan. Yes, you can use shelled seeds but that takes out all the fun.


Breakfast Menu

1 serving of Oatmeal (Use milk sparingly, a few shots of the refrigerated no calorie butter spray and a few packs of no calorie sweetener.)

1 piece of toast (Shoot this sucker with refrigerated no-calorie butter spray OR use the canned no-calorie butter spray, then pop it into your toaster for a divine slice of bread.)

Mid-Morning Snack

4-5 frozen strawberries blended into 1 cup of milk until light and frothy

Lunch Menu, Satiety Diet

1 cup of beans (any variety - even Pork 'n Beans or Ranch Style Beans)

1 Slice of Cheese (use the REAL thing but omit if you use Pork 'n Beans because cheese with these is a little too triumphant on the old taste buds)

1 Serving of corn chips or a square of cornbread

Dinner Menu, Satiety Diet

3 cups of veggies that have been either steamed or stir-fried; choose from carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, fresh green beans, any variety of squash, okra, radishes, onions, mushrooms or cabbage.

1 cup of frozen strawberries topped with a bit of low calorie or non-fat whipped topping; add either blue or pink packets to sweeten if you wish.

If you stir-fry, use the non-stick cooking spray or the refrigerated butter spray when cooking. Another trick is to place the cut-up veggies into the microwave and nuke for a couple of minutes, then transfer them to the pan for stir-frying.

You can also add soy sauce or a stir-fry sauce, which are generally very slim on calories.

Also, 3 cups is for the FINISHED product, so measure out your food after it's cooked. If not, you'll have about a teaspoon to 'chaw' on after it's done. If you're still hungry, eat another cup.

You can season with your favorite herbs, or just smatter with you no-calorie refrigerated butter spray.  Day 2 | Day 3

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