Unfair Diet Ridicule
Weight Bullying

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Just because a person is overweight does NOT mean they eat too much.

So many overweight people have been judged unfairly by people who are ignorant in the area that separates thin from fat. 

So the next time someone accuses you of being overweight due to overeating - point that idiot to Diet Bites - to this article.

Over eating isn't always the culprit behind a weight problem. Many times, it's knowing WHAT to eat.

So many overweight people have been pointed out by 'Weight Judges' who boast that a person is overweight because they simply eat too much.

In many cases, odds are that the Weight Judge eats far more 'bulk' in food than the overweight person does.

More Than Half of Doctors in the United States are Overweight

As a side note, more than half of the practicing doctors in America are considered overweight based on healthy recommended weight charts.

And here they are, telling US what to do? It's the 'do as I say, not as I do' theory. It seems that if one is practicing in the area of medicine they would know how excess fat impacts quality of health.

And most nutritionists aren't any healthier and yes, overweight and obesity issues abound.

Let's continue. We need examples for this, so Diet Bites has volunteered two fictitious characters, Dick and Angelica - whom we'll nickname Angel. Both Dick and Angel are the same height and same body frame, therefore they require about the same number of calories.

As a note, each individual's chemical makeup does influence this factor.

Also, if you'll take a look at the Diet Chart that I've posted at Diet Bites, you'll see that I've indicated that many times people are 'between body frames'.

This too, influences calorie intake. So for our example, let's pretend that Dick and Angel have similar chemical makeup's. Their daily healthy calorie-intake requirement is 1,800 calories.

At this point, Angel is exceeding that amount and Dick is consuming less than that amount - so Dick is thin and Angel is overweight. Now, we're ready to meet our stars!

Dick, AKA Mr. Ridicule, the Thin World's Tongue Dart

Dick uses every opportunity to throw Tongue Darts at Angel regarding her weight. He tells everyone at the office that her larger size is due to overeating and overindulgence. He calls her hurtful names and makes barnyard noises when he passes her in the hall.

Angel, AKA Ms. Cupcake, just one Dart Board inside the Overweight World

Angel is a model employee. Her work is without fault and she is always helpful to everyone at the office, even Dick who has embarrassed her more than once in front of her co-workers.

One Day in the Life of Dick's Diet

Breakfast - Black coffee, plain reduced calorie toast, boiled egg, cantaloupe.

Mid Morning Snack - Tea with no-calorie sweetener, cinnamon raisin bagel with a teaspoon of nonfat cream cheese; 1 orange.

Lunch - Mega salad that contained lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, shredded carrots, 1 teaspoon bacon bits and sliced cucumbers. Dick had low fat honey-mustard dressing on the side. He also ate a large serving of green beans and had 1 plain roll. Plain tea with no-calorie sweetener was his beverage.

Mid Afternoon Snack - 1 cup of fresh strawberries and 1 can of diet soda.

Dinner - 2 roasted drumsticks; small garden salad with low fat ranch dressing; 1 serving of carrots; 1 slice of low calorie bread.

Dick had 2 glasses of his special tea and for dessert he had a large serving of low calorie gelatin topped with low fat topping.

Bedtime Snack - 1 cup of hot honey tea; 4 frozen strawberries whipped with a cup of skim milk.

Total Calorie Intake - Just under 1,500 calories.

One Day in the Life of Angel's Diet

Breakfast - Never eats breakfast.
Mid Morning Snack - 1 eclair and a carton of whole chocolate milk.
Lunch - 1 small salad with 'da works'; 1 garlic bread stick.
Mid Afternoon Snack - 1 large soda, candy bar.
Dinner - 2 slices of pan pizza, 1 large soda
Bedtime Snack - 1 slice of homemade coconut pie with a glass of whole milk  
Total Calorie Intake - About 3,000 calories.

What??? Let's break this down once more! 

Dick's Diet - toast, egg, cantaloupe, bagel with cream cheese, orange, 1 large salad with dressing, green beans, more bread, strawberries, 2 drumsticks, garden salad, carrots, more bread, gelatin with topping, 1 milk, several teas - one with honey.

Angel's Diet - eclair, 2 milks, small salad, 1 bread stick, several sodas, candy bar, 2 slices pizza, pie.

WOW! Look at the difference! Dick was the bigger eater but he was also the smarter eater. Dick avoided oils, butters, fats and un-natural sweets. If Angel continues to follow this eating pattern, she'll gain more weight.

In Summary

Dick was fired shortly after this article was written because his boss overheard him making unforgivable comments about Angel's weight at the coffee bar.

It didn't help Dick's cause when he accidentally passed another large load of gas due to being shocked by his boss' unexpected appearance on the scene.

Angel went on to lose every ounce of her weight overage and won the local Ms. Swimsuit contest. She was also promoted to Dick's vacated position and eventually married her boss.

So whether you're a thin individual or whether you're an overweight Angel, keep in mind it's not only how much you eat, it's what you eat.

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