Diet Décor - Back to Nature

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Getting Back to Nature-Mother Nature that is!

On a diet?

Then you've got a fantastic excuse for decorating your kitchen or dining area…

One great way to ensure success on your diet is to get back to the basics of nature. Let's think about this a moment.

When you think about the foods associated with nature, what springs to mind? An apple? Banana? A fresh grown tomato? Oh yes!

And there are so many more 'food gifts' of nature that we can incorporate into our diet, as well as use to add beauty to our homes.

Next time you're shopping, try to find some clear containers that will match the décor of your kitchen or dining area.

Drop by the market and pick up any of the following:

· dried fruits - such as raisins (golden, red or brown), apricots, cranberries, peaches apples or pineapples;

· assorted dried beans, dried peas; because the selection is grand you can create a rainbow of color

· seeds, such as sunflower or pumpkin;

· nuts - such as peanuts, cashews, pecans or almonds;

· grains - such as rice  and there are so many varieties, barley, etc.

When you get home, fill your beautiful containers with these wonderful gifts of nature.

You can even add a decorative top by using fabric, glue and some fancy strips of ribbon. Take the idea a step further and use ribbon and fabric which suit the time of year. If you purchase containers with removable lids rather than the lock-type lids, you can easily replace them based on the season or current event of the month.

For fall you can use fabric with beautiful harvest-time prints and decorate in orange and black. For springtime, you may wish to use bright yellow and green, or fabric with big beautiful sunflowers on them.

What makes this kitchen project so wonderful is that you can use the foods which you have placed into your container for your weight loss plan. When they are see-through containers, you can easily spot those beautiful dried apricots rather than opting for your usual cupcake or handful of salty chips.

And if you're a former chip lover, then fill one of your containers with pretzels - a healthier option over greasy potato, corn, cheese and fried onion chips.

And while we're on the subject of chips, be sure to stay away from the banana chips.

One tiny ounce of banana chips contains close to 150 calories and 10 grams of dietary fat. Better options include dried apples, dried dates and dried cranberries.

Let's get back to our decorating ideas and how they can assist with your weight loss plan, shall we?

A basket filled with fruit 'for the taking' also makes a nice addition. Find a basket with a loop and go wild with your ideas. You can attach all sorts of craft items to the loop - from tiny teddy bears to comical diet warnings or motivational phrases. These 'Gift of Life' baskets make lovely and thoughtful gifts and can easily be personalized.

When you place reminders about your kitchen that you're watching the foods that you eat, you'll be more apt to stay on track with your weight loss plan.

All of the foods above are very healthy choices. Some are bit high in calories and dietary fat, but compared to candy bars, cakes and other confections, these natural alternatives are processed a bit differently in the body. Many of the foods above will even increase good levels of cholesterol. And when enjoyed in moderation the caloric values remain minimal.

Study the calorie content of the foods so when you take some out for snack time, you'll know beforehand how much you want to eat.  

If you live close to a market that specializes in exotic food, check out their offerings. You'll delight and amuse your house guests while beautifying your home. And whenever nosy Aunt Phyllis visits and asks, "What's in that jar?" then you'll have the answer.

Mother Nature - there's no one quite like her when it comes to diet and decorating.


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