Decreasing Calories
During Dieting SUCKS!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How using mind exercises can help keep you on track for weight loss success.

Hunger pains aren't fun. Neither is watching a television commercial featuring a luscious treat when you're trying to diet. What's a body to do?

"Sending out an SOS to Diet Bites. What will help get me through this urge to run to the pantry and tear it to shreds?"

Your brain can do a lot to get you though your diet! How? Much of dieting is a mind game. Your mind controls how you feel about cutting back on your food. It controls how you feel about eliminating some types of food from your normal eating routine. It controls how you feel about exercise. It can convince you to stay true to your diet or sway you to end your diet.

"Why, I really don't look or feel that bad, so I'll eat this naughty food item for now and think about dieting another day." This is called the 'Scarlet O'Hara Syndrome'.

If/when that feeling assaults you, pause and address your thoughts.

Remind yourself that your decrease in food intake and food choices is only temporary. You won't be on your diet forever.

Once the excess and unwanted weight is gone, then you can enjoy these foods again in moderation. Moderation is a key word. I know, moderation is difficult when it comes to flavorful foods and tantalizing goodies. But hey, moderation is certainly better than never, isn't it?

We can live with moderation. We'll also live a lot longer using moderation. So moderation is a very good thing when it comes to eating certain types of food.

Here are a few more very good mind exercises you can use to help keep you on track.

Let's use a cookie as our naughty food temptress:

- What do I want most? That cookie or to look good in my summer short set?

- It will only take me 1 minute to eat that giant cookie that's as big as Dallas. But it will take me 1 day or more to melt the excess calories off my hips/waist/thighs.

- I really want that cookie, but I'm going to have a cup of frozen strawberries instead. I might even sprinkle a bit of no calorie sweetener on them. Go away cookie!!

- That cookie looks good, but underneath that cute golden dough lies a wedge of fat that I don't want and that I don't need. Go away cookie!!

- My willpower is stronger than that cookie!

- Finally, I won't have you today, Mr. Cookie - BUT, I'll have one like you in a few more weeks after I've reached my goal weight. OR, I might even have you in a day or so, just to treat myself for being good.

NONETHELESS, it will be my choice when I'll have you, and not yours. So there.

If all else fails, pick up the cookie, toss it on the ground, and stomp it like there's no tomorrow. Be sure and check for curious onlookers before exercising the stomping step.


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