Weight, Fitness, & Your Senior Years

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Lean, Trim, Goals Most Americans Share of All Ages

Only a handful of years ago, the health industry was supporting the importance of being lean and trim. That trend has slowly changed and in today’s world being fit has a higher level of importance than weight when it comes to senior health issues…

The older we become, it seems the harder it is to get in all the activity our bodies require.  We become busier, focusing on the activities in life that we cherish most – our children, grandchildren, hobbies, and entertaining friends and family.

As our window of Time on Earth shortens, we tend to cram everything that we can into our already-busy schedules - except physical activity.

But just because we grow older doesn’t mean we should move out the exercise bike for a wooden rocker.

The Healthy Effects of Exercise for Seniors

Exercise impacts our lives in vast and various ways, and that goes for all individuals - no matter how young or old. Controlled health studies indicate that even a small amount of medium-level activity a day can prolong life.

This equates to taking a short walk of say 10 to 15 minutes per day. That's a very minimal amount of time to take out of our day - and just look at what we could be getting back in the area of a healthier life, a higher quality of life, and perhaps a life that is longer.

In a recent study that compared active seniors to sedate seniors, the group that remained active was healthier, stronger, got sick less often and lived longer.

And if you're a senior, you know how important it is to remain healthy. Unlike our younger years, the ageing body wrestles to overcome illness and disease.

And the older we grow, the more difficult it is for the body to fight-off illness and disease as it naturally grows weaker. It's nature's way - but we don't have to roll over and expire.

We can move - and by moving our body, we can strengthen our body so that our endurance level is at its maximum. One need not run a marathon to achieve such. We have some easy to do fitness tips that can accomplish this listed below.

Some things you can do for a healthier body include:

- Try to take a 10-20 minute walk at least 3 times per week.  If there is a mall in your area, make use of it as your walking area; you can entertain yourself by looking at the shop windows as you walk by as well as study shoppers.

People studies can be such fun. And malls are safe and your walking field is a level terrain. As we age, some of us start having difficulty with our balance and uneven terrain isn't our best friend. One spill and we may fall very ill.

If you don't walk at the mall, be sure to choose a secure area for your activity time. Seniors are prime candidates for creepy muggers.

Better yet - talk a friend or family member with you and share a conversation amid your walk. This will make exercise time fly by.

Tips to Enhance Well-Being & Senior Health

Getting Involved in a Hobby or Other Relaxing Activity

- Take an interest in an active hobby such as bowling, golfing or gardening. Again, the key is to keep moving and not grow stiff with age.

Vitamins & Minerals Insurance

- Eat healthy and take vitamin supplements.  It’s much easier to get moving when one feels good, as well as energized. Speaking of energy, the more that you embrace activity - the higher your energy (endurance) level.

Walk When You Can, Climb When You Can

- Then there is the standard – park a bit further from the main door of the store where you are shopping, but with all the crazy drivers these days, it is a ‘do it at your own risk’ scenario.

- Stairs over escalators is also a very good standby.

Once you get moving, you’ll find that you have a new level of energy.  You won’t tire as quickly, either which means you’ll be able to enjoy the things you like to do.  And isn’t that what’s life is all about? 

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