A Weight Loss Success Story
Larry's Birdseed Diet

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A Dieting Adventure in Larry's Own Words

It was diet #666, I am almost sure of that. Nonetheless, I was determined to succeed because I was sick and tired of the weight, sick and tired of sounding like a wheezing tea kettle whenever I had to climb steps.

Yes, I was on a diet. Yes, I was determined. But it was the birdseed that opened my eyes to success!

Hi everyone. My name is Larry and I'd like to share my diet success story in hopes that it will help others who are trying to lose weight. My total weight loss was 34 pounds and I have maintained my current weight for over three months.

It began last fall. I am fortunate to reside in the beautiful state of Arkansas where the trees turn into living masterpieces during this colorful time of year. This time, I intended to enjoy those luscious colors and relax in the Ozark Mountains by using my well-earned 3 week vacation.

Larry's Fitness Goal, Lose 30 Pounds

I also had another goal in mind, that being to lose a blasted 30 plus pounds that had leaded me down. The holidays were just around the corner, and I knew that if I didn't chisel off the unwanted (and un-needed) weight, then I would only add to it over the holidays.

To accomplish my weight loss, I decided to leave the cupboards empty in my rented cabin. Going out to eat would take time and thought, and was just the thing I needed to help me stick to my diet plan.

The first week just flew by. I must admit that I was a bit sore from not being used to climbing and hiking the woods. In the evenings, I would come back to my cabin and just fall into bed. I slept like a log every night until the sun hit my face the next morning.

The second week I was feeling a bit lonely and wished I had brought along my dog, Lance, for company rather than leaving him in the care of my apartment roommate. I spent those evening hours reading, relaxing and listening to the small radio that I had brought along for company, thought it wasn't quite Lance.

Results Started Showing Physically in the 3rd Week of Larry's Diet

At the beginning of the third week, I was thrilled to discover that my clothes were loose! I had also dropped 2 belt notches, so my plan was working! I had faithfully kept to my diet when eating, choosing healthy foods such as fresh bread, lean meat - mostly fish, steamed veggies, and fruit for dessert.

I was also making a point to drink more water and my skin looked healthier for it, or perhaps it was that fresh mountain air.

Nonetheless, I felt like a million bucks. Lance probably wouldn't even recognize me when I returned home, I thought one morning to myself.

It was my last night at the cabin. I regretted having to leave for home the next day and be faced with once again returning to work rather than being able to play in the mountains. It was a lot more fun!

I couldn't sleep that evening because I was so anxious from everything circling in my head. And I was so hungry. It was the first time that I felt famished since I had begun my diet.

I tossed. I turned. The moon was so bright that night and it was rather chilly. I was so hungry at this point I felt like going out into the mountains and finding a bear to cook! I was desperate. All the stores in the tiny nearby town had closed their doors hours ago.

Then I remembered a small convenience store that I had visited one morning for a pack of gum. It had reeked of fish, but I was desperate so I got dressed and made the ten-mile drive into town.

I was shocked. CLOSED stood posted on the front door of the stinking little store. Now what?

Despondent, I returned to my cabin. My stomach was doubled from the hunger. I undressed and climbed into bed, but I couldn't sleep because of the hunger.

Then I remember the birdseed!

I had brought along some birdseed to feed the birds so I could watch then from my cabin window each morning. I could eat the birdseed!

I raced to the sealed pail, popped off the top and began shoveling the birdseed into my mouth as fast as I could. I also choked once, and it's not a food I would recommend for taste.

After a minute or two, I stopped when I saw myself in the full-length mirror visible from my bedroom. I looked incredibly stupid, my mouth pasted with stray seeds. I felt like a giant dodo bird.

I laughed at myself, first whimsically, then louder, and finally I laughed so hard that I almost lost my breath. My Birdseed Diet, I thought. Is this what it had come down to? I was a pitiful, although funny site to behold.

But seeing myself in this frantic state made me realize that I had the power to control what went into my mouth. I had chosen the birdseed. I had prepared my cabin to have nothing edible in it for those 3 weeks.

I thought that I had covered all my bases. And now, I realized that I would always be faced with food choices. That birdseed didn't walk into my mouth. I put it there, desperately put it there.

I suddenly realized from that moment on I would have to begin facing these food choices and learn when to say yes, and when to say no.

I went on to lose a total of 34 pounds. I have only kept off my weight for about three months, but I know that this will be a lifelong endeavor.

And now you know about my Birdseed Diet. I hope my story inspires you. Good luck to all.

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