The Number on Your Scale Should Not
Determine Your Level of Happiness

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Will losing unwanted weight boost your self-esteem? Yes! Will losing weight raise your level of confidence? Yes! Will losing weight make you a happier person? Yes!

However, no matter what you weigh, the number on your scale should not determine your level of happiness.

No one in this world has been promised the next minute of life, much less tomorrow or next week, next month or next year. Therefore, we must live for today.

And if you find yourself overweight today, don't allow that to influence your life in a negative way. And don't allow the number on your scale to determine your level of happiness.

It's simply a number. So you need to lose a few pounds. Fine. You can lose them - just not today.

However, you WILL lose them by perseverance over time. Whenever someone diets, they don't stand in front of the mirror one day to find that they've suddenly dropped thirty-two pounds. It's a gradual loss.


For one, as humans we would probably be so happy over the rapid weight loss that we would literally explode into thin air (literally again) with joy, and exist no more - at least on this grand old Mother Earth.

Think of losing weight like this.

Let' say that Teresa is wanting to take a trip. She has a nice car that will take her anywhere that she wants to go, given that the roads are good. Right now, she has enough money for fuel and she plans to do a lot of camping out along her way.

Thankfully, the cost of fuel is still less than flying - but even that is uncertain. And she's going to enjoy all of the things that she sees as she takes her trips.

Why, she might even travel along some of the back roads amid her journey to discover new and wondrous things.

She is planning to travel from the tip of Maine to the bottom tip of Florida.

She may drive along the ocean shore and enjoy the beach at times.

She has a map to follow so that she won't get lost.

She is also taking along some spare supplies - such as a phone, her charger, extra food and drinks, and of course clothing. She will also take a few different types of shoes because she isn't sure what the ground might be like where she will visit.

She is uncertain of what she will find along her journey - but of one thing, she is certain. There is no way that she can travel from the top tip of Maine to the bottom tip of Florida in one day.

Her journey will take several days; she will be able to travel more distances on some days than others.

She is aware that certain factors will influence her journey - such as the state of the roadways, existing construction areas, and yes - even the weather and climate changes.

Teresa is also aware that she might grow more tired on some days than other as she travels, so she may have need of stopping to rest before continuing on her journey to revitalize and energize.

Does all of these things sound familiar? They do, don't they?

They mirror much of what the dieter experiences amid their weight loss plan. There will be days that will be more productive in the area of weight loss. They will experience new things along their journey - such as a smaller waist, visible knee caps and a longer neck.

There will always be hurdles along the weight loss journey.

Favorite former high calorie, high fat foods may tempt and haunt the dieter. It might take much resistance to watch the movie at the theater without indulging in that large tub of hot extra-butter popcorn.

It might be very difficult to resist ordering that bucket of your favorite chicken rather than ordering the roasted version when dining out.

To assist you amid your weight loss adventure, find things in your life to focus on that are positive.

They may include a beautiful marriage, a precious child or grandchild, a talent, two talents, ten talents or more! Can you cook? That's a talent!

Can you make someone smile? That's a talent! Does cooking or making someone smile have anything to do with what you weigh? No!

If you need to lose weight, keep focused on your diet. Focus also on the good things in your life.

Be happy no matter what you weigh. You may just find that happiness is one of the best diet motivators in your arsenal of losing weight.

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