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We eat for so many different reasons. We eat for nourishment. We eat for entertainment. We eat for health and fitness. We eat because food simply tastes good. But sometimes, our emotions guide us to naughty places where we really don't want to be….

One evening last winter, my Great Uncle popped in to watch a movie with us. You may have seen it because it's quite popular, "The River Wild" with Kevin Bacon and Meryl Streep.

We made the mistake of placing a plate of brownies on the small table beside Uncle. At the end of the movie, with a shocked voice Uncle declared, "I can't believe that I ate the entire bag of cookies! How did that happen?"

Emotions, that's how. Uncle became so preoccupied in the intense drama that he was transferring goodies into his 'unknowing' mouth. After that first cookie, he didn't know what had hit him!

Dieting experts, including Diet Bites, highly recommend sitting down to dine and taking time to enjoy your meal. 'Enjoy' your meal. It's much better than wolfing something down that you'll later regret - without even having the benefit of 'enjoying' it.

So whether you're at a baseball game, a bridge party or a Bar Mitzvah - whether you're at the computer, the cinema or a church social - whether you're watching television or talking on the telephone, take special care to know what you are eating before the damage is done. You just may be surprised to discover it's all you need to do to rid that unwanted weight.

Tips for Dieters Relating to Emotional Eating

We eat because we're stressed.

If you're feeling stressed out over an incident that recently occurred, delay your meal until you can deal with you emotions. You need time to come to grips with the situation. If you eat while you're upset you're going to be more focused on the incident than what you're eating.

When we eat because we're happy.

Whether you're at a party, a wedding, a celebration event - even if it occurs at a restaurant, before you put that first bite of food into your mouth - stop, look and listen.

Don't listen to the cheery chatter around you, but listen to your Diet Thoughts.

Think about what's on your plate.

Think about which food you are excited to enjoy from the buffet or punchbowl.

Think before you eat and make a point to enjoy your food. If the mood around you is too excited, then munch on something and take your meal home with you so you can enjoy it later.

We eat because we deserve to splurge.

There are different times in our life when we feel like we should eat anything and everything that we want without feeling any guilt. A few examples include:

- During pregnancy when we're eating for two but when we often eat for four or five.

- During vacation when we feel like the world has stopped and our worries are far behind us.

- After we're performed a heavy bout of activity, only we end up eating far more calories than we burned off.

While most weight loss gurus and specialists will tell you that this is an unhealthy trend, it's simply enjoying life. It's okay to splurge amid all of the above situation - but it's not okay to go ape. Exercise control or exercise to lose the pounds that will leap onto your body after the splurge.

The key to happiness, to obtaining recommended weight - as well as to life itself is to "enjoy what we enjoy" in moderation. Life wouldn't be lived to its fullest for most of us if we didn't enjoy an occasional cookie, a warm slice of bread with real butter slathered onto it - hot from the oven.


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