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Going to the Movies Quiz

Written by Diet Bites

What are your best snack choices at the movies? And how many calories are packed in that hot buttered popcorn?

As you're working on the health quiz below, click on the blue dot which will lead you to the correct answer if you answered correctly, or a 'try again' page if you answered incorrectly. Be careful because if you answer incorrectly the penalty may be a few jumping jacks! However, only do the jumping jacks or other activity if you do such without risk to your body or health.

1. What contains more calories?  A box of donuts or a large bucket of buttered popcorn at the movies?

1 dozen Glazed Krispy Kreme Donuts

1 Large Bucket of Movie Popcorn, Buttered


2. So how many calories really are in that big bucket of hot buttered popcorn at your movie theater?

About 875 calories

About 1,650


3. What about the large 32-ounce soda?

About 800

About 450


4. Pick the smarter snack:


Milk Duds


5. How many calories does a king sized box of Milk Duds contain at the movies?

About 900 calories

About 1,500 calories


6. Hot Tamales (yes, we are talking about the red candies) contain zero fat.




7. How much sodium does a large movie pickle contain?

About 1,250 mg

About 3,500 mg


8. How many calories will a 200 pound individual burn while watching a 2 hour movie?

Nothing because there is no activity going on.

About 216 calories.

Diet Bites for weight loss and dieting resultsHOW DID YOU DO?

8 Correct Answers - Excellent!  Go enjoy a juicy red apple!

4-7 Correct Answers - Good!  Go enjoy a Golden Delicious apple!

1-3 Correct Answers - Fair.  Take 1 multi-vitamin and continue to visit Diet Bites daily.  Go enjoy a Granny Smith apple!

0 Correct Answers - Retake the test.  No peeking! Go enjoy a juicy red apple!  Be sure and check for worms. (in the apple)

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