Desperate to be Thin
Shelly's Weight Loss Success Story

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Shelly's Weight Loss Success story as told to Diet Bites

Shelly desperately needed to lose 100 pounds.

In fact, for most of her life she had needed to lose 100 pounds. She had been an overweight child and the weight had carried over into adulthood. How one day at an amusement park changed Shelly's life forever.

It was a blistering hot day at the amusement park. The concrete added to the heat of the Texas August sun. At least the kids were happy, Shelly thought as she watched them wait to ride the mini-roller coaster.

She had left for a few moments to purchase a couple of ice creams for them to munch on as they waited in line, thinking that the coolness would help abate the heat.

Funny, but the kids didn't seem as hot as she was. Then again, they weren't overweight either.

Shelly had been grossly overweight as a child.

Kids had been cruel, placing everything from balloons to marshmallows in her desk seat when she had attended school. She was so glad that her own kids had maintained normal weight.

Finally, they reached the front of the line to board the roller coaster. Shelly was going to wait on the sidelines while the kids enjoyed the ride. They were boarding now and as she went to leave, the man in charge of loading everyone on the ride stopped her.

He told her, "You're too heavy to ride. You'll have to wait over there." He glanced meaningfully at the unfinished ice cream cone, his face clearly indicating why he believed she was too heavy. Or at least, that's how Shelly interpreted things.

Shelly felt as though she had been doused with a bucket of ice water - even amid all the searing heat around her!

"I hadn't planned on riding," she managed to tell the man. It was a kid's ride, for goodness sake! And where was a trash can so she could chunk the idiotic cone?

The man just stared at her, then delivered a disgusting glance to the cone, and then he just walked away.

Shelly felt confused, hurt, and a bit lost. And embarrassed.

The place was jammed and the small confrontation had created a scene. More than a few people stood in line whispering behind their hands.

Shelly was so bothered by the incident that she couldn't sleep that night. The next morning she made a decision to lose weight - all the excess weight.

She was tired of feeling like she had a dead Albatross tied around her neck. Yes, she had been on tons of diets in the past, but this time she knew she was going to be successful!

Shelly made an appointment with a physician who was very eager regarding her decision to lose weight.

He suggested some basic tests that came back with some startling results. Shelly had a thyroid problem. She also knew that her weight was in part due to poor eating habits but the thyroid was also a significant contributor.

It didn't happen overnight. At times it was very tough to resist temptation, but Shelly stuck with her decision and was true to herself. A year and a half later, she was 100 pounds thinner!

Many times, Shelly has thought back to the incident in the amusement park on that hot summer day. Sometimes, it just takes a huge mental shake to get a person seriously thinking about what they need to do.

Congratulations, Shelly, and thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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