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The Tears of a Clown, Learning the art of confidence through diet by boosting self-confidence.

Mr. Slick Rod is a behemoth of good looks and muscular charm. He walks with a confident gait, his head above the clouds, his feet not touching the ground. Why? Because he's walking on you…..

Why size really doesn't count & 10 great comeback lines.

Everyone's probably met or known a Mr. Slick Rod at one time or another in their life.

Slick coughs out fat jokes faster than a slot machine that's been plugged full of dirty slugs, usually at the expense of some poor unsuspecting overweight soul that's standing close by.

The reaction from this very unwilling victim of Slick Rod's abuse is gut wrenching - literally; however, there's little they can do other than offer a shrug of the shoulders or a tight-lipped uncomfortable fake smile. Or is there?

Let's try to dig up some great comeback lines that involve Fat Bullying.

1. Rod, your fly is unzipped.

2. Rod, your biggest problem is that you were born.

3. Rod, you need to do something about that vulture breath.

4. Isn't it a shame that we can't all be perfect like you, Rod?

5. Rod, don't walk home through the woods tonight.

6. Did you ever hear the joke about the arrogant idiot that no one liked?

7. Rob, your fangs are showing. Again.

8. Ouch!

9. Where's an exorcist?

10. What a great joke! I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I enjoyed it.

How to Effectively Deal With Fat Bullying

Okay, now that's out of our system let's look at a more civilized way to approach Slick Rod.

1. Realize that Rod is truly insecure and that is why he finds security in attacking others.

2. Rod may fear gaining weight and his attacks are his way of keeping his fear in prospective - his harsh reminder.

3. You cannot change behavior, but you change attitude.

4. Do not allow cruel jokes to torment you.

5. Do not allow yourself to be a target of these type jokes. The first time this occurs, in a controlled and firm voice, address your attacker in front of the crowd.

Tell them that you do not tolerate these type jokes, that you find them offensive, cruel, insensitive, belittling, and illegal.

Who is Slick Rod?

Slick comes in many guises - as an adult, a teen, even as a child. Slick's that come in the form of a child can actually scar another child for life, so in this scenario it's generally best for the parent or guardian to take swift action.

Sadder still, is the fact that the world will always have Slick Rods.

So, try to concentrate on your own attitude.

If you aren't confident, get there! Walk proud, live strong, concentrate on feeling great about yourself because you are! Losing weight will change the 'outer you', but the 'inner you' will still be the same.

Enjoy life, stay focused on positive things, and know that whatever size you are, you are just as important as anyone else!

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