The Joys of Diet Gardening & Vegetables
The Caloric Burn While Gardening

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Save money, get in some great exercise & lose weight by starting a bountiful diet garden.

You'll have tasty herbs and beautiful vegetables at your fingertips. Fresh always tastes best. And fresh veggies and herbs are packed with important vitamins you need when dieting.

Calories Burned While Gardening

Gardening is a great way to enjoy brisk (and fun) exercise while saving money and losing weight. How many calories can you burn while gardening?

- If you weigh 120 pounds you'll burn about 130 calories per 1/2 hour.

- If you weigh about 140 pounds you'll burn about 152 calories per 1/2 hour.

- If you weigh about 160 pounds then you'll burn about 202 calories per 1/2 hour of gardening.

- If you weigh 180 pounds then you'll burn about 194 calories per 1/2 hour.

- And if you're 200 pounds then you'll burn about 216 calories per 1/2 hour.

Our Farmer Ancestors Burned About 6000 Calories Daily

Who knew that pulling weeds, digging in the dirt, bending over to plant fertile seeds and the harvesting process could burn so many calories? Our forefathers who farmed this great land certainly did.

They burned on average 6,000 calories per day toiling in the fields.

That's why they could feast on yeast, why beef gave them little grief, why desserts spelled backwards didn't equal stressed - rather delicious and worthy due to a hard day's work.

Most of the time we really don't realize how easy we have it in this day and age - not all of us, but a good many enjoy a better life than our forefathers.

For the rest of us, we continue to dig in the dirt, saving money in order to get by and make ends meet.

While we might not be able to enjoy movies, computer games and other reindeer huplas, we can enjoy watching our seeds spring to life bearing fruit and vegetables that will fit well into our healthy daily diet.

And let's not forget the herb patch. A garden's just isn't a garden without a sturdy herb patch.

A herb garden will provide you with freshness that will add a burst of flavor to your healthy recipes. Picture roasted rosemary chicken or an Italian sauce made with your fresh basil and tomatoes. What about fresh salsa comprised of fresh onions, tomatoes and peppers? Ooh, bring out the dancing men!

Herbs can also be used to flavor oils.

The intensity of the oil and herb mix will allow you to use less to get the job done. And the less oil used in a recipe, the fewer the fat grams and calories.

Just toss a few springs of your favorite herb into a flask of oil and allow herbs to meld with the oil. You can also try chopping some fresh herbs into your margarine; your taste buds will quake with joy and again, it will take less to satisfy your hunger.

If you don't have a green thumb, there are some veggies that are very easy to grow. Try starting with any of these: tomatoes, squash, onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers and beans.

If you do well, consider graduating to broccoli, okra and beets.

Easy herbs to grow include rosemary, dill and basil. They won't survive the bitter heat or cold so take measures to protect them accordingly.

Check with your local nursery for a supply of sturdy plants.

Different zones require different planting dates and plant care, so don't be timid in asking questions when making your choices. Seeds are another great choice. Again, just check for the recommended planting times and you're ready to go.

Suggestions for Your Garden Space

While you are at your nursery, be sure and pick up one of the popular, "Welcome to my Garden" stones, a few rubber snakes, a fake owl, a pair of cotton gloves, a wide brimmed hat, a pair of sunshades, and a clear plastic glass etched with penguins.

The stone is for brag purposes, the snakes and the owl will help keep the birds out of your garden, the gloves, hat, and sunshades will protect you from the elements, and you'll look ultra cool drinking from your new penguin glass. Calories in Vegetables

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