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Why a simple diet plan is simply the best diet plan...

Diet Formula: Take your current body weight, multiply it to the 9th power, subtract your target weight minus your height in inches – WHAT?? According to this diet formula, you’ll need a P.H.D. to lose weight. It’s time to simplify!

It will take Marge approximately 2 days to determine the total points, calories, fat grams, protein, sodium, cholesterol and carbs in her chicken dinner. In the meantime, will her salad wilt?

A simple diet plan is simply the best diet plan.

It shouldn’t take hours of calculating, estimating, or exercising to achieve weight loss success. So, strive to keep your diet plan simple for optimum results.

If you’re looking for a target weight, glance at an old-fashioned weight chart. In fact, there’s one here at Diet Bites for your reference.

Always use any recommended weight chart as a pattern as your ideal weight is a personal situation - and what feels and looks good on friend Donna might not suit your health needs; you should always base these on how good you feel, yes - even over 'how good you look'.

Dieting Health Notes

Appearance is important as a personal note, but how you look in the area of 'pretty, handsome and studly' doesn't have anything to do with your state of health.

Now if you're looking washed out as well as a bit greenish or yellowish - or you start displaying dark circles beneath the eyes and you aren't part raccoon, this is indicative of an illness or disease - so therefore, even if you appear spiffy, pay close attention to the varying of colors in your skin or the bed of your nails.

Health should always come first with appearance on the back burner.

If you’re trying to determine how many calories per day that you need for a healthier you, most doctors will recommend a standard 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day when dieting. If you have quite a lot of weight to lose, you'll require even more calories per day.

Anything less and you could end up with gums that look like blue turnips. Ah - yet another area of the body to check; if gums are discolored or bleed easily when brushing - or when not, this is indicative that a trip to the dentist is in order.

If treated early, most forms of gum disease respond very well. And without your healthy choppers, it's sorta hard to eat, isn't it?

If you’re trying to find a perfect exercise plan, you shouldn’t need to move your sofa out of your living area so that you’ll have room for your newly acquired rowing machine, even if you plan to watch only seafaring movies from here on out on the TV stationed in this room.

Exercise - yes, but do such wisely and don't push your body beyond its limitations. Once you do, it could pose serious risk to your body, including death.

If you haven't been exercising on a regular basis, then please start out smartly and take it slow; build your work-out time as your weight loss plan progresses. Your body will let you know when it starts to tire, so please listen.

Three Steps to Your Simple Diet

1. Decide how you want to calculate your food intake. Do you want to use the point system as outlined by Weight Watcher’s, or do you want to count your calories, or do you want to follow the Slim Fast plan, etc.

2. Determine your target weight by using a simple weight chart.

3. Exercise moderately. Walking is perhaps the simplest mode of exercise that you may stick with.

Next time, we’ll discuss ‘Skydiving made simple’.

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