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Enjoying Desserts While on a Weight Loss Plan/ This can't be a diet!

Grab that cute apron and dust off your halo!This pie is lighter than a feather and will help keep the number on your scale where you want it to be.

This pie recipe is also like a taste of heaven on a hot day. It's light and elegant, has a trace of fat, and can be prepared faster than those crispy bar recipes.

The objective of this diet recipe is to reduce the number of calories in the pie shell as well as the dietary fat grams as about 1/2 of these values can reside here.

Angel food Pie Recipe Ingredients

1 Angel Food cake divided in half, or you can prepare your own if you wish

1 box of low fat, sugar free vanilla pie pudding, instant variety

reduced fat milk to prepare pudding; amount as directed on commercial packaging

1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice; bottled will work but ingredients flavors will vary

1 container of reduced fat frozen whipped topping that has been thawed

How to Prepare

Tear one half of the cake into tiny pieces and pulverize to create a smooth texture. Add the lemon juice to the blender or food processor amid this step. You'll want the angel food to take on a lemony flavor.

You can also add a teaspoon of vanilla extract or imitation vanilla to the blender or food processor if you wish.

Press the cake crumbs into a pie plate that has been sprayed with non-stick, no calorie cooking spray. This will prevent any sticking issues.

Next, mix your pudding as directed on the commercial packaging, then fill the angel shell with the prepared pudding. You can also fold whipped topping into the pudding if you wish and top with a sprinkle or two of decorative sugar.

Allow the pie to rest in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes so that it will gel and set-up firmly. Remove the pie and top with the thawed whipped topping.

Decorating, Serving Suggestions

Decorate the top with any of the following: grated lemon rind, sprinkles, sliced fruit such as bananas and strawberries, whole blueberries or drained sweet cherries or anything that has a healthy bite.

You can add the fresh sliced fruit to the low fat pudding after it is mixed, if you wish - or to the top of the pudding before adding the reduced fat whipped topping.

To make 'Angel Pie With A Mean Streak' add a thin line of chocolate syrup down the center of each pie slice.

Use sparingly as chocolate syrup is rather steep in caloric values.

We'll add the nutrition facts for it below so you can judge just how much you wish to use, if any. But take note: always check the nutrition label of the product you plan to use for the most accurate nutritional data.

There are sugar free chocolate syrups available on the market today which contain fewer calories due to less sugar grams - or more accurately, sugar substitutes, but something is lost in the transfer in our opinion and we prefer to have less or no chocolate syrup than the reduced sugar.

However, your taste bud mileage may differ greatly and it's always fun to experiment with new products while on a weight loss program. You may discover that you actually enjoy the sugar free chocolate syrups.

Be sure and calculate your total number of calories in the prepared pie by adding up your ingredients. Calories will vary from about 150 200 per slice, depending on the brands of ingredients you use. This pie will yield six generous slices.

Calories, Nutrition Facts for Chocolate Syrup

Based on a 2 Tablespoon serving size.

Calories, kcals = 109
Protein = 1 g
Carbs = 25 g
Fiber = 1 g
Sugars = 19 g
Total Fat = 0.44 g

In Summary

Good occasional treat for dieters that is low in fat, offers a bit of protein, fiber and yes - chocolate!

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