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Delicious Source for Dietary Fiber

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There's nothing quite like the wonderful aroma of hot buttered popcorn at the movie theater. And with a few adaptations, it can be a great tasting, healthy addition to your diet! Simply put, popcorn is a food that's good for you!

In fact, it was good enough to be served at the first Thanksgiving.

With all that fiber on the feast table, it's safe to assume that the pilgrims and Indians didn't need 'Modern Day Man's' over-the-counter fiber drinks after the meal.

It's just one more wonderful reason to like popcorn!

Low Calorie Popcorn Recipes

Tom's Hot Buttered Corn Recipe

1 action packed movie
3-6 cups of hot air popped corn; your amount of corn will depend on the length of your movie

salt - and the lite or light salts work great

no-calorie butter spray, the refrigerated type

Remove popped corn, then add the butter spray and sprinkle with salt. It is vital that you enjoy your popcorn when it's fresh out of the popper.

Do not allow your nibbling to be interrupted, even if the people from US Lotto are knocking at your front door! Cold, stale popcorn can lead to a variety of taste-bud ills.

Tom's Sugar Shack Popcorn Recipe

This is a variation of the above. This time, after sprinkling your popped corn with butter spray, add a bit of no-calorie sugar sweetener, and cinnamon.

Diet Popcorn Experiment

From this recipe you can branch out to make nacho cheese, herb, Parmesan and so many more interesting and tasty varieties!

If you don't own a hot air popper, check out the 'low calorie' popcorns at your local market. Try to stay away from those with high sodium content; these can blow a stick up to the size of a hippopotamus in a handful of hours.

After popping, simply adapt any of the suggestions above.

Nutritional Values of Popcorn

Calories about 23 per cup when popped using hot-air.

Fat 0.3 grams

Cholesterol 0 mg

Dietary Fiber 0 0.9 grams

Special Health Notes for Popcorn

Some people are sensitive to corn, and yes, popcorn falls into this allergic category.

A small child can choke to death on popcorn. If you decide to give your child popcorn, doctors recommend tearing the hull off the popped corn, then chopping the fluffy white nub into small bits.

Next time we'll dive into some fabulous low-cal, low-fat dips.

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