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Quick Weight Loss

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The ups and downs of quick weight loss and why it might not be the healthiest road to permanent success.

The extra weight collects slowly on your frame day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. Then in an instant, you decide to lose weight fast - by fasting.

Is this a good witch, or a bad witch?

Fasting, Associated With a History of Horror Stories

Fasting is a very naughty seven-letter word. From time-to-time we hear diet horror stories about people who tried to meet the quick road to slimdom by fasting.

Some remain hairless; some have done major undoable damage to their body. So before you jump on the Fasting Express Bandwagon, consider this:

- That sudden weight drop that someone experiences when fasting is for the most part, a drop in water weight, not stored fat as one would expect.

Weight Gain Quickly Occurs

The moment that food is reintroduced into the diet, the weight almost immediately returns. Yes, some loss will occur, but is it worth the damage?

- Our little bodies are like delicate instruments, equipped with ingenious backup systems. When the body is thrown into a stage of whirlwind fasting, it automatically slows down. Stored fat is then used sparingly.

You may have had an experience with one of the newer cars with similar protective devices. If the car runs too low on oil, it will shut down to avoid complete destruction - just like your body.

- When most people fast they forego supplementing vitamins that they otherwise get from the food they eat. Insufficient vitamins and minerals attribute to disease, hair loss, brittle hair and nails - and can actually be life threatening.

- Some of the things that a person may experience during a fasting state are a racing heart, chest pains, the shakes, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, blood sugar imbalances, lethargy, kidney problems, bowel problems, and difficulty concentrating. YIKES! This sounds like one sick puppy.

Dehydration Issues Associated With Fasting

- Fasting can contribute to dehydration. Most foods are comprised of a great deal of water. Just drop a brick on a stalk of grapes and see what happens.

- Many times during a fast, a person will take diet medication to speed the weight loss amount to a higher level. You know, when someone dies, they lose a lot of weight, don't they?

Never, ever, NEVER attempt to lose weight using this method!! If this formula was in a bottle, it would have a skull and crossbones on the front with POISON written in big red letters.

A Rarely - if Ever Successful Plan

- A fasting diet is rarely successful. An individual is likely to go off the fast and straight into a binge mode.

Bottom Line: Use your good sense when taking off weight. Perseverance, smart eating, and moderate exercise are the keys to losing weight.

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