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Gone are the days of broomsticks topped with heads of women. The world is finding that curves are quite nice...

Richard Simmons is a lot like Neil Diamond; people either hate him, or love him.

If you ever get an opportunity to read one of his books, go for it. They are totally entertaining and will help motivate you as you lose weight. They are great motivators for weight maintenance as well.

I own several of his books, including his cookbooks - and all are terrific for motivation. His recipes are very easy to prepare and they taste fantastic.

In one of his first productions, he talked about eating an entire large jar of mustard at one time in his life because he was desperately hungry. I’ll never forget that writing.

Richard is unlike 99.99% of the other weight loss gurus in the current World of Dieting; like myself - he was once vastly overweight.

He overcame obesity and sets an example for all. He has helped thousands - if not millions of individuals with their weighty issues as well as made a healthy impact on their quality of life.

At times we hear so much about people not receiving an award or recognition for being a good something or another, and then someone like Richard Simmons comes along - and does so much good, yet receives so little recognition and credit. He has spent the vast portion of his life involved in a noble cause.

Richard also addressed in the book I mentioned above about one method used by fashion models to lose weight. He talked of how they soaked cotton balls in liquid gelatin and ate them so they wouldn’t feel hungry. Sad, isn’t it?

Well, thankfully the world’s prospective of how the human body should look has taken on a big change during the last few years.

Suddenly, curves are in! Many popular singers and actresses have also had a big impact in this area, setting the example that while thin might be in - one doesn't have to go off-road amid those lovely curves.

Controversy Over Standard Recommended Weight Charts

There was also a huge controversy a couple of years ago about the standard weight charts being about 10 pounds under what a normal person should weigh in order to be at the healthiest state possible.

Many health professionals have also recognized that older people are generally healthier if they have a bit of meat on their bones, than not and the general consensus is no more than ten pounds of body weight over the standard 'recommended' healthy weight.

It seems that remaining active plays more of a part in the overall scheme of things than the perfect weight. It’s all about moving the body and shaking things up, down and around.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to eat healthy, or that we shouldn’t try to maintain healthier weights.

It does mean that we don’t have to be so restrictive when dealing with that ‘magic’ number on our scale. Keep in mind that the number on our weighing apparatus is just a number. The most important factor is how we feel.

If our answer is foggy-headed, lethargic and out of energy - those symptoms can be related to a myriad of things - from the simple need to lose those extra pounds to a health condition.

If our tiredness and suppressed energy levels are related to a need to lose weight, then the stars we reference above make great patterns for us to follow.

They have proven that weight loss can be accomplished with effort, determination, hard work and dedicated effort. Although never easy,weight loss is achievable and ours for the taking.

As to the amount of pounds that you need to lose - keep in mind the original theme of this weight loss article: if you have got curves and feel great where your state of health is concerned, you're apt to be at a great weight.

We don't all have to turn into sticks in order to achieve maximum health benefits but being as close to our recommended weight as possible is always a great rule of thumb.

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