William's Weight Loss Success Story

Written by Diet Bites as told by William

William lost 126 pounds seven years ago. This is his story in his own words.

I was thrilled when Sky and Tom said they would like me to share my story at Diet Bites! Look, if I can lose weight, you can too. I hope that my story helps anyone struggling with the very stressful task of losing weight.

I live in Texas; I have all my life. Everything is big here the state, the tall tales, and especially the amounts of food available.

Due to the tropical-like climate there's a party going on somewhere all year long. Generally, people here like to grill a lot. They like tailgate parties at the beach. They love chili recipes. Beef is big, and they really like beef. Seven years ago, I liked it all.

I was thirty-five and had no health problems whatsoever, thank God! However, I didn't like what I saw when I looked into the mirror each day. I didn't like shopping for clothes. I especially didn't like attending pool parties. I felt like Free Willy at those type of events. In fact, I was even called that a few times because it related to my name, as well as my size back then.

One day, my emotions started caving in on me. I wanted to lose weight.

I didn't want to be that huge all my life. I was single and had never been very successful in getting dates.

In fact, that's what prompted my weight loss voyage. I had asked a lady (let's call her Cindy) to accompany me on a date to a movie. Cindy was a very pretty lady, and had been quite friendly towards me during the three months I had known her. We got along fabulously and shared the same sense of humor. However, I'll never forget her cruel response that evening. "Are you kidding, Will? We'd have to call 911 to have them extract you from the theater seats once the flick is done. No way!"

I laughed. It was painful. Somehow I managed to get through the next ten minutes, then I cried my eyes out on the drive home. It was a long drive, too, and a miracle that I could see the road through my wall of tears.

I loved food all food.

I had read miraculous stories about people who had lost massive amounts of weight through the Cabbage Soup Diet. For the next month I survived on cabbage. I ate cabbage soup. I stir-fried shredded cabbage using nonfat cooking spray. I made cabbage coleslaw using nonfat Mayo. I ate boiled cabbage, steamed cabbage, raw cabbage, even grilled cabbage (it was that grilling instinct that surfaced unexpectedly).

During this transition, I had made a pack with myself that I wouldn't weigh until a month had passed. The faithful day had arrived, and when I stepped on the scales I was shocked to note the 41-pound weight loss!

My clothes had become extremely loose and I had even had to poke a new hole in my belt so that it could be buckled. However, I was totally amazed about the huge drop.

My goal was to lose 126 pounds. I only had 85 more to go!

Another thing that I kept in the back of my mind is the fact that just about everyone needs or wants to lose 25 pounds. (Even thin people.) So if I could make it down another 60 pounds, I'd be in sweet heaven.

During the following week, I began to have some dizzy spells so I contacted my doctor. Once I met with him, I explained my 'diet plan' to him. When he began lecturing me on the dangers of how I had went about losing weight, I sat up and took notice.

He had me meet with a nurse who specialized in nutrition. She counseled me on the correct way to go about losing the weight that I needed to lose.

I was concerned that once I winged myself off the cabbage plan that my weight would return. It didn't! Three and a half months later, I had dropped another fifty pounds. From there it got much easier because I could see the end results! I could visualize a window in the near future! I was slowly escaping from 'Fat Hades'.

Needless to say, I met my goals and have worked hard in maintaining my weight over the years. Sometimes, I still long to binge. I don't think that will ever go away. However, I like my new self more than I want to binge. I eat smart, I visit the gym two times a week, and I don't mind going to those pool parties so much anymore! Hey, thanks Cindy!

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