Diet & Valentine's Day
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Celebrate Valentine's Day

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A red heart-shaped box is symbolic of Valentine's Day, but all that chocolate candy inside of the box is the last thing a healthy heart needs. ~~ Quote by Ima Balloonpopper

But hark! Who can resist those tiny pastel-colored candy hearts? Those creamy chocolate-filled hearts? Those luscious strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate?

If you started dieting at the beginning of this year, you're probably ready to run to the nearest cupcake factory and do very bad things once you get there.

So if you've been good thus far, congratulations. You have a good reason to be proud. You've accomplished so much in this new year.

But, day by day we have a new diet demon that's quickly approaching over the horizon. This demon is dressed so innocently, camouflaged in wings and bearing the body of a cherub.

Cupid. Yes, Cupid is so cute. So innocent looking. But…look again. Innocent Cupid is holding a nifty bow and razor-sharp arrow set. Some people will tell you fairytales, of how Cupid uses these items as love tools, to connect two lovers.

Others will tell you that as you eat all those Valentine goodies, Cupid is plugging off one arrow after the other, aiming them at your little heart. As he shoots, if you listen very closely you may hear his tiny voice echoing, "Take that arteries. Take that, bulging aorta."

So with these scary thoughts in mind, let's try to figure out how one can get through Valentine's Day without too much damage. It's a special day, a day that you SHOULD celebrate.

Valentine's Day Tips for Dieters

1. Keep in mind that Valentine's Day is a day for romance. There are more ways than just expensive candy-filled hearts to celebrate. Try flowers, perfume, or a small box of chocolates.

2. If you celebrate by dining out, try to make wise food choices. Before ordering the triple-cheese enchiladas dipped in double queso, consider those luscious (and healthier) chicken fajitas.

Don't allow hunger to rule over your good health sense.  

Dessert?  Strawberries, of course.  And yes, even ones dipped in DARK chocolate are great for topping off the meal.  

Dark chocolate has health benefits which you can learn more about at Diet Bites.

3. It is totally okay to enjoy a couple of Valentine treats.

Allow for them by planning ahead. Remember, all rice cakes and no tasty treats makes Dieting Jane discontent.

4. Watch the alcoholic drinks. These puppies are loaded in more ways than one. Just look what they did to poor Otis Campbell.

5. If you over-indulge, get right back on your fitness plan on the 15th.

Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy your day and may it be filled with magic. 

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