Kara's Weight Loss Success Story
Life-Changing Moments

Written by Diet Bites as told by Kara

Three years ago, Kara was 50 pounds overweight with cholesterol levels out the kazoo.

Today, she is a trim 125 pounds due to determination that enabled her to enter the highway of Diet Success.

The following is Kara's weight loss success story in her own words.  Learn how she lost weight she had gained, the problems she encountered along her Weight Loss Journey, and how the experience changed her life...

Three years ago, life wasn't very much fun. I was weighing in at 175 pounds, which was a mite too steep for my 5'3" frame - even if allowing for the 'large bone/large frame' calculations.

My overall cholesterol was pushing 300; my legs ached continually from the extra weight; and it was a miracle I didn't have any 'wind' accidents.

I was 28 and still single, still working fast-food (internally & externally), still living at home, and still searching for that perfect diet.

I tried every fad diet in the book and they all tasted like I WAS eating a book, so I'd fall back into my old habits and put my weight concerns on 'ignore'.

One night I was propped up in bed reading a wicked horror novel when I was seized with a pain in my chest. I ignored it, reaching for another chocolate covered cherry.

It was Christmastime, and I loved those "Queen Anne" dark chocs. A couple of minutes passed, and I was again hit with pain, this time feeling as if I was being crushed by a steam roller - and not one by Fischer Price!

This was genuine pain - more than heartburn and more than being frightened of the story I was reading.

To make a very long story short, I experienced a mild heart attack.

At 28, I had no idea that I could be a victim of a heart attack! The ill effects of eating had caught up with me at this early age, even though heart problems were non-existent in my family history.

All those cheese snacks, donuts, fried chicken, fried okra, fried cheese, pastries and heavy puddings had taken their toll.

When one experiences a life/death experience, it's like getting hit in the face with cold water on a cold day. You wake up really fast!

Needless to say, my diet underwent a HUGE change.

It was amazing to say the least! After all those years of unsuccessful dieting, I was losing weight this time. Why? Because I was committed to losing weight. I didn't cheat - I COULDN'T cheat!

I knew the terrible consequences if I did. I learned that yes, you really can lose weight if you cut back on the quantity of food, and the types of food.

My weight loss took about 5 months and I've kept it off for about three years now.

Though I've got my diet under control, I still need to keep motivated, because I know that if I allow it, my weight will return.

I stumbled across Diet Bites, and just had to write Sky & Tom and share my experience. Diet Bites is really a great site because it keeps me motivated and it does such through the art of humor. So, thank you Sky & Tom!

As for my personal life, I was married a year ago to a very wonderful man. I've graduated from fast-food to the medical field; I am studying to be a nutritionist. Perhaps I can pass along my experience to others and help them as others have helped me.

Diet Bites offers some very sound information regarding losing weight and maintaining your weight. If you are struggling with your weight, I hope my story helps you to stay concentrated and to lose weight. Sincerely, Kara

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